Recipe Gurus

Our Recipe Gurus come up with some of the web’s most creative healthy food ideas and share them with the rest of us.

Danielle Storm
Blog: 100 Percent List
About: Four kids, two foodie parents, all trying to get along...This blog chronicles the ups and downs of trying, hopefully not in vain, to get four kids to learn to enjoy healthy, delicious food that doesn't come from a brightly colored box with no expiration date.
Facebook: 100 Percent List on Facebook
Christine Cotroneo
Blog: Additive-Free Eats
About: A collection of wholesome Vegan & MSG-free recipes. I recreate meals from scratch using ingredients as close to natural as possible, thereby avoiding unhealthy food additives.
Twitter: @eatadditivefree
Amy Stafford
Blog: A Healthy Life
About: A blog written by a girl who loves cooking, because she loves eating clean and healthy. Loves gardening, because she loves feeding those she loves from her garden to her table. Loves caring for those around here, because she loves living a happy and healthy life!
Twitter: @AHLFM
Facebook: A Healthy Life For Me on Facebook
Allison W
Blog: Allison's Delicious Life
About: Allison is a busy college student committed to incorporating healthy food into her hectic lifestyle. Through her blog, she hopes to show others (especially college students on a budget) that a nutritious life can be easy and delicious. Here you'll find recipes, tips, and tricks for a healthy, delicious life.
Twitter: @thedelishlife
Ari Ziskin
Blog: Ari's Menu
About: Healthy living blog documenting Ari's maintenance of a 75 lb weight loss, healthy and "Skinnified" recipes, fitness progress, and sometimes crazy life as a performing artist, dog lover, and Starbucks addict.
Twitter: @ArisMenu
Facebook: Ari's Menu on Facebook
Malakai Kirkpatrick
Blog: Be in the Kitchen with Malakai
About: This blog is dedicated to healthy and nutritious recipes which are gluten,dairy and refined sugar free as well as largely suitable for SCD, paleo, candida, vegan and raw diets. It's my hope that individuals who visit this blog find a recipe or two that inspires them to make creative and healthful food choices!
Facebook: Be in the Kitchen with Malakai on Facebook
Cassandra (Cat) Tan
Blog: Breakfast to Bed
About: Just an average NYC actor and mother feeding her family and keeping them active. Breakfast to Bed features recipes, workouts, and ways to keep moving!
Twitter: @catbtan
Facebook: Breakfast to Bed on Facebook
Caroline Yoder
Blog: The Broccoli Hut
About: The Broccoli Hut is a food and nutrition blog with worldwide readership providing recipes, diet advice, product reviews, health news, video tutorials, and other resources for those seeking a healthy lifestyle.
Twitter: @broccolihut
Facebook: The Broccoli Hut on Facebook
Cara Lyons
Blog: Cara's Cravings
About: Cara's Cravings is a food blog dedicated to delicious recipes for healthy living. Cara believes that healthy eating should be interesting and eclectic, and never boring. A weight loss success story, Cara develops original recipes that reflect her love of food and draw upon wholesome and seasonal ingredients.
Twitter: @carascravings
Facebook: Cara's Cravings on Facebook
Jennifer Rice, RN & Ziggy Escobar
Blog: Crazy Cooking Couple
About: Jen is an ER nurse by night and amateur chef by day. Jen, paired with her fiancé/sous-chef/taste tester/dishwasher Ziggy, create the duo better know as the Crazy Cooking Couple. The Crazy Cooking Couple enjoys tasting, eating, baking, broiling, frying and trying not to burn the house down all in the name of good food! Their blog chronicles their life in and out of the kitchen exploring health conscious cuisine.
Twitter: @CrazyCookingCpl
Dannivee ScreenshotDaniela Victoria
Blog: Dannivee
About: Dannivee created her blog to share her love of food and travel. She has always imagined how thrilling it would be if food was actually sent through the Internet, but sharing recipes and ideas is the next best thing. It is about the experience in creating a new recipe, testing it out a few times and forming a masterpiece exactly how you imagined. If Dannivee accomplishes one thing in particular with her blog it would be for people to realize how beautiful their surroundings are and to not be afraid to take an adventure, either in the kitchen or though traveling.
Twitter: @DVdanivic
Kat Lynch, MPH
Blog: Eating the Week
About: Eating the Week packages food and nutrition topics into tasty, week-sized morsels. For each weekly theme, author Kat Lynch features 5-7 related recipes, reviews, and other information (books, articles, etc) on the topic. Readers are invited along as Kat searches for fantastic recipes, ponders nutritional science, and writes about successes and mess-ups.
Twitter: @eatingtheweek
Facebook: Eating the Week on Facebook
Linda Farnsworth
Blog: Eating Well... Living Thin.
About: After weight loss surgery, Linda wanted to continue to enjoy her love of cooking and be able to make her favorite recipes while losing and maintaining her weight. This blog concentrates on a high-protein, low-carb approach with a huge selection of her specialty: no sugar added desserts!
Facebook: Eating Well... Living Thin on Facebook
Amanda Abbott
Blog: Eats, Love and Happiness
About: Eats, Love and Happiness is where Amanda shares her recipes and writes about her culinary school journey, her dog, and the wedding that I'm planning.
Twitter: @eatslovehappy
Facebook: Eats, Love, and Happiness on Facebook
Emily Butler
Blog: Emily's Happy Homestead
About: A healthy living blog that focuses mostly on creating recipes from whole and nutritious foods. With a focus on protein based smoothies, healthy baked goods from scratch, and sometimes a savory dish thrown in.
Twitter: @EmilysHomestead
Facebook: Emily's Happy Homestead on Facebook
Shelby Suzuki
Blog: Everyday Vegan Girl
About: Vegan living can be simple, healthy and fulfilling for everyone! Everyday Vegan Girl focuses on simple, plant-based recipes that can be made by the everyday person!
Sarah Parker, ACSM cPT
Blog: The Fit Cookie
About: The Fit Cookie is dedicated to providing readers with healthy, allergy-friendly recipes that everyone can enjoy!
Twitter: @thefitcookie
Facebook: The Fit Cookie on Facebook
Athena Karalekas
Blog: Fitness and Feta
About: Welcome to Fitness & Feta, a Greek girl's guide to healthy living and a happy life! As a full believer in "Everything in moderation," Athena blogs to help others find balance in their lives and achieve an active lifestyle. Please join Athena in her love for all things food and fitness by checking out her workouts, playlists, recipes, giveaways, random musings, and more!
Twitter: @FitnessandFeta
Facebook: Fitness and Feta on Facebook
Fitnessmomwinecountry ScreenshotLynda Benson
Blog: fitnessmomwinecountry
About: Fitnessmomwinecountry is a blog that is not only real, but I can relate to. Lynda writes and shares stories and recipes right from her own home and life. Anywhere from easy and quick to fancy and fun. While sharing a little of the Wine Country with us.
Twitter: @Fitnessmom1
Facebook: FitnessmomWinecountry on Facebook
Jessica Serdikoff
Blog: Floptimism
About: As a nutrition major with a passion for food, Jessica writes her recipe-packed blog with wellness in mind. There's more to food than just making it and eating it. Floptimism is about sharing the art of food and health with others, learning to appreciate everything to its fullest and taking life as it comes.
Twitter: @floptimism
Facebook: Floptimism on Facebook
Kelly Morisson
Blog: Foodie Fiasco
About: Welcome to Kelly's kitchen were they make healthy, not healthy tasting, vegetarian comfort food from scratch with love. Thank you for visiting and feel free to join in the conversation. Send them an email, laugh about something stupid done in the kitchen, and hopefully join in making wonderful recipes.
Twitter: @foodiefiasco
Louise Dwan
Blog: Fridge Scrapings
About: Louise's kitchen experiments focusing on natural, plant based foods for the whole family - A stay at home Mum, beginning a personal journey into veganism while still feeding two hungry carnivores (and trying to convince everyone around me that vegan and healthy cooking is delicious!)
Facebook: Fridge Scrapings on Facebook
gingermantra ScreenshotTambra Means
Blog: gingermantra
About: With the “gingermantra” blog, Tambra hopes to inspire others to create positive changes in their life journey. Many people she communicates with on a daily basis are looking for a place of positive thoughts and harmony, better resources to finding answers to health issues, resources and guidance to better eating habits and choices. Tambra's hope is to bring this to people with her blog.
Twitter: @gingermantra
Facebook: gingermantra on Facebook
Caralyn Collat
Blog: Gluten Free Happy Tummy
About: A Gluten-Free/Mostly Vegan food blog. Documenting healing and coping with Ulcerative Colitis through diet. Daily recipes that are gluten and dairy free, organic, and promote a "happy tummy!"
Twitter: @GFreeHappyTummy
Facebook: Gluten Free Happy Tummy on Facebook
Amie Valpone, HHC, AADP
Blog: The Healthy Apple
About: Amie shares her passion for and approach to ‘Clean Eating’ by focusing on natural, whole foods and ingredients that are good for you and your body. Through The Healthy Apple, Amie provides balanced, accessible and engaging information on the most basic components of good health.
Twitter: @TheHealthyApple
Facebook: Amie on Facebook
Rivki Locker
Blog: Healthy Eating for Ordinary People
About: Authored by a full time working mom of four, Healthy Eating for Ordinary People makes healthy eating accessible to ordinary people with ordinary (busy!) lives.
Twitter: @ordinaryblogger
Mark Splane
Blog: The Heart Smart Gourmet
About: Reformed survivor of bad eating and living habits...a great "learning experience".
Twitter: @healthgourmet
Facebook: The Health Gourmet on Facebook
Hummusapien ScreenshotAlexis Joseph
Blog: Hummusapien
About: Hummusapien is a light-hearted, fun and fabulous food and nutrition corner for foodies and newbies alike! You'll find simple, healthy and delicious recipes (and perhaps some other hummus-related conversation along the way).
Twitter: @TheHummusapien
Facebook: Hummusapien on Facebook
Elise Dieden, RN
Blog: Hungry Hungry Hippie
About: Nurse. Exercise lover. Whole foods connoisseur. Health enthusiast. Managing IBS and food sensitivities with diet. Hungry Hungry Hippie is a place to share delicious plant based recipes to help others dealing with digestive woes and food sensitivities. Pure, wholesome, quality food. Nutritious and delicious, all the time.
Twitter: @elisehippie
Kathleen Billings
Blog: Kat's Health Corner
About: She’s a teen aspiring for balance in life, self, & health. She loves “healthify”ing recipes and baking with nutrient-dense foods. She wants to major in Nutritional Biochemistry.
Katie Kiely
Blog: KatieDid
About: KatieDid is a blog about twenty something college girl with a passion for food and photography. It takes an alternative approach to health, one that doesn't fear a little extra butter once in a while. Come find lots of gluten free recipes and food adventures!
Twitter: @katiekdid
Jessica Maher
Blog: Kitchen Belleicious
About: Jessica is a southern girl with a passion for cooking. She loves to re-create southern dishes with a belleicious twist by incorporating ingredients and flavors from other cuisines. She loves using fresh ingredients and recipes are simply what she calls a blue-print to a fantastic dish.
Twitter: @kbelleicious
Facebook: Kitchen Belleicious on Facebook
Lindsay L
Blog: The Lean Green Bean
About: Healthy eats, tasty treats and a sprinkle of fitness
Twitter: @LeanGrnBeanBlog
Facebook: The Lean Green Bean on Facebook
Linsey Davis
About: Mom of 4 picky eaters, Linsey has a passion for playing with food and inspiring moms to fix healthy and fun lunches for their families.
Twitter: @bentolinsey
Facebook: Bento Fun on Facebook
Nicole White
Blog: The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie
About: The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie is a blog where Nicole shares her passion for food, favorite recipes, love of running, fun travels and other misadventures. She hopes to inspire others to get in the kitchen – and try new things, make a little mess and eat something delicious!
Twitter: @MarvelousFoodie
Facebook: Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie on Facebook
Roz Paige
Blog: la bella vita ~ ~ inspiration for delicious and beautiful living
About: An Italian-American passionate about cooking, gardening, the farm-to-table movement, life on a country acreage, and a wee bit of travel focused on restaurant reviews. This food blog is a current journey of one's culinary adventures, as well as organic gardening for my cooking.
Twitter: @miabellavita
Facebook: La Bella Vita on Facebook
Living Simpy Gluten FreeSherrie Scaglione
Blog: Living Simply Gluten Free
About: Naturally gluten free & seasonally fresh recipes are Sherrie's focus and green healthy living tips are her thing. She is a nutrition student and wellness enthusiast. She lives, blogs and creates new recipes in Philadelphia, PA.
Twitter: @withfoodandlove
Facebook: Living Simply Gluten Free on Facebook
Michelle Voss
Blog: Michelle's Kitchen
About: Michelle's Kitchen was started in May 2010, after Michelle graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. Join Michelle as she reaches towards her goals of becoming a Registered Dietitian and a better cook. Here you will find nutrition information you can count on and recipes for living a healthy lifestyle.
Twitter: @michellemvoss
Mac-n-Mo'sMaura Knowles, HHC
Blog: The Morselist
About: Mo, AKA The Morselist, a Certified Health Coach, chef, & C.E.O. of Mac-n-Mo's, Inc. shares her healthy vegetarian- vegan, low sodium and low sugar recipes. All recipes are gluten free using whole foods, low sodium & LOW sugar. Most recipes are dairy-free, soy-free and egg-free All are MORSELICIOUS! You can have your MORSELS and eat them, too!
Twitter: @macnmomorsels
Facebook: Mac-N-Mo's on Facebook
Kristi Rimkus
Blog: Mother Rimmy's Cooking Light Done Right
About: Mother Rimmy's Cooking Light Done Right is a light and healthy cooking resource, with a focus on nutritious foods. It provides nutrition information for every recipe, including Weight Watchers points.
Twitter: @motherrimmy
Facebook: Mother Rimmy on Facebook
Oatmeal with a Fork ScreenshotLauren Goslin
Blog: Oatmeal with a Fork
About: This blog is primarily devoted to creating the most healthy recipes possible, without sacrificing taste. From omni to vegan, entrees to desserts, there is something to satisfy every craving!
Twitter: @LaurensOatmeal
Facebook: Oatmeal with a Fork on Facebook
Maureen Shaw
Blog: Orgasmic Chef
About: Maureen has been blogging for two years about food and recipes that are better than sex.
Twitter: @orgasmicchef
Facebook: Orgasmic Chef on Facebook
Anjali Shah
Blog: The Picky Eater
About: A healthy food blog with recipes, lifestyle tips, and stories about cooking healthy meals that even a "fast-food-loving" husband will enjoy!
Twitter: @pickyeaterblog
Facebook: The Picky Eater on Facebook
Annemarie Rossi
Blog: Real Food, Real Deals
About: Real Food, Real Deals shares recipes and tips about how to eat real food on a budget.
Twitter: @RealFoodRecipes
Facebook: Real Food, Real Deals on Facebook
Deborah DeLong
Blog: Romancing the Bee
About: Encouraging urban beekeeping, gardening for pollinators and healthy cooking with honey.
Twitter: @romancingthebee
Gina Matsoukas
Blog: Running to the Kitchen
About: Running to the Kitchen is a healthy food, recipe and photography focused blog with an occasional emphasis on fitness.
Twitter: @runtothekitchen
Facebook: Running to the Kitchen on Facebook
Sarah Zinkel
Blog: Sarah Learns
About: Sarah Learns is a blog about balancing graduate school (phd in nutritional sciences), newlywed life, and healthy living. Sarah shares her favorite foods, recipes, and photos.
Twitter: @sarahlearnsblog
Facebook: Sarah Learns on Facebook
SizzleEats ScreenshotLauren Carey
Blog: Sizzle Eats
About: Sizzle Eats is a blog focused on fitting healthy food choices into your own lives. It aims to make eating healthy the easier choice than stopping at a fast food restaurant. Sizzle Eats also follows Lauren as she finds new and fun ways to get active outside, in the gym and with your friends. Staying active should bring people together, keep you healthy and just be overall fun.
Twitter: @sizzleeats
Facebook: Sizzle Eats on Facebook
Caylee Hunter
Blog: Slate Hope
About: Slate Hope is a blog that focuses on healthy eating and recipes. Food can either become your anchor or your wings. The best thing you can do for yourself is to treat yourself right. Give yourself hope.
Twitter: @cayleehunter
Melissa Baratta
Blog: Some Sugar Added
About: A healthy living blog focused on food, fitness and family. Healthy living is all about balance!
Aine Finegan
Blog: Something to Chew Over
About: Something to Chew Over is Aine's blog to share her favorite recipes and culinary adventures. Her main interest is healthy cooking, but she also thinks it's essential to indulge in delicious treats. Many of her recipes are gluten-free and staying under budget is a priority. Share the joy of everyday cooking with Something to Chew Over!
Twitter: @SomethingtoChew
Laura Hall
Blog: Sprint 2 the Table
About: My site focuses on fitness and healthy eating. I develop original recipes to share with readers - from smoothies to entrees to desserts. I pride myself in coming up with unexpected flavor combinations. Additionally, I post race recaps, tips on training/nutrition, and a few strength training routines. While I'm not a certified nutritionist or trainer, I am very passionate about staying fit and fueling one's body properly.
Twitter: @sprint2thetable
Vegematarian ScreenshotKirsty Costa
Blog: Vegematarian
About: Kirsty Costa believes that food is about fun, health, empowerment and taking care of the Earth's resources. Vegematarian is a blog that supports vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free (but not flavour-free) cooking and eating adventures.
Facebook: Vegematarian on Facebook
Gabrielle Ouiet
Blog: the veggie nook
About: The Veggie Nook is a plant-based, healthy living blog that focuses on gluten-free, whole food recipes and fun and practical healthy living advice. Healthy living should be enjoyable, easy and tasty and it is the goal of this blog to show that it can be!
Twitter: @veggienook
Voodies ScreenshotCaren Magil
Blog: Voodies
About: Voodies dishes healthy, plant-based eating inspiration for fit-minded foodies.
Twitter: @voodiegirl
Facebook: Voodies on Facebook
Blog: We Can Begin To Feed
About: Recipes created or tested in Elle's kitchen. Also fun ideas, techniques, and helpful hints. Weight Watchers Points Plus values provided. Elle loves to make beautiful and nutritious meals and hopes you wlll enjoy them.
Twitter: @WeCanBegin2Feed
Emilia Gill, CNC
Blog: Wine and Butter
About: A healthy eating recipe with a focus on seasonal, vegetable rich, energising recipes ... and the occasional treat! Emilia also uses her nutritional knowledge to translate complicated nutritional information into easy to understand information that's straightforward and fun to follow!
Twitter: @winenbutter
Dawn Yucuis
Blog: Words of Deliciousness
About: Delicious and easy cooking ideas for your family, friends, and yourself from a lifetime leisurely cook.
Facebook: Words of Deliciousness on Facebook