Nutrition Experts

Our nutrition experts are all registered dietitians who blog about food, health, and nutrition.

Cordialis Kasago, MA, RD
Blog: The African Pot Nutrition
About: TheAfricanPotNutrition provides science backed nutrition guidance for African people living within Africa and throughout the diaspora. With a focus on improving the "African Plate" and encouraging the maintenance of traditional foods and habits, blog posts vary from basic nutrition guidelines to recipe modifications of continental favorites.
Twitter: @thedietitian
Louise Goldberg, RD, CSP, LD, CNSC
Blog: An Apple a Day Nutrition Counseling
About: Kid and Family Nutrition info on topics ranging from wellness to illness from a pediatric RD, food allergy specialist and mom of 2, plus kid-tested, dietitian approved recipes.
Facebook: An Apple a Day on Facebook
Amy Goldsmith, RD, LDN
Blog: Ask Amy
About: Amy Goldsmith is a Registered and Licensed dietitian and owner of Kindred Nutrition, a private practice in Maryland. Amy created the Ask Amy blog to address all the ambiguous nutrition questions, statements, and fads that are printed, discussed, and debated. Need real answers on real nutrition? Ask Amy, I'll get you the right information with the science behind it.
Twitter: @kindrednutrio
Kindred Nutrition on Facebook
Chelsey Lindahl, RD
Blog: Chew with Your Mouth Open
About: A candid blog about food and nutrition written by Chelsey Lindahl, a veggie RD-to-be with a taste for satire and whole food.
Twitter: @cwymo
Facebook: Chew with your Mouth Open on Facebook
Amber Massey, RD, LD
Blog: Chocolate Broccoli
About: Amber is a Southern raised, food-loving Registered Dietitian who wants to show all the flavorful, good for you possibilities that are within reach. Amber has found that people commonly misconceive living a healthy lifestyle means eating bland and boring food. Amber's goal is to help you get in the kitchen ad lose thought that taste and nutrition can't happily coexist.
Twitter: @chocolatebroc
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Alexandra Caspero, MA, RD
Blog: Delicious Knowledge
About: Delicious knowledge makes vegetables and healthy eating fun and easy! Unsure about swiss or chard? DK shows you how to incorporate the benefits of a plant-based diet into your current lifestyle. Read updates on hot-button nutrition topics from a Registered Dietitian and find great workouts from a personal trainer! DK's got it all to make you happier and healthier!
Twitter: @delishknowledge
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Don't (White) Sugar Coat It ScreenshotElizabeth Jarrard, RD
Blog: Don't (White) Sugar-Coat It
About: Elizabeth is a Boston-based RD who believes the secret to healthy, happy life is eating food, mostly plants, and being guiltless in your relationship towards food and your body.
Twitter: @ElizabethEats
Katie Serbinski, MS, RD
Blog: East Meats West
About: Katie promotes and incorporates lean beef into a healthy diet by sharing her experiences, recipes, and life lessons learned while traveling from pasture to plate.
Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD
Blog: Eat, Love, Live, Thrive
About: Health is more than just about food. It’s about living your best life, loving yourself, discovering what brings you true happiness, and thriving in the world that’s around you. Eat, Love, Live, Thrive aims to help you do just that.
Twitter: @RDCorinne
Facebook: Eat, Love, Live, Thrive on Facebook
Janel Funk, MS, RD
Blog: Eat Well with Janel
About: Eat Well with Janel is s blog documenting the healthy eats and sometimes treats of a registered dietitian. Stop by for plant-based recipes, reviews, nutrition tidbits and more.
Twitter: @dietitianjanel
Facebook: Eat Well with Janel on Facebook
Amie Ritchie, RD
Blog: Eating4Living
About: Amie Ritchie is an RD and owner of, a private practice in MI. She focuses on breaking down nutritional news and recipes for people with restrictive diets and food allergies. She also addresses topics relevant to those issues. Healthy eating can be fun even when one has to be on a restrictive diet. As a runner she also addresses some sports nutrition topics as well. Since she volunteers with some very low income families as well, she works to adapt her recipes to be budget-friendly, healthy, and time conscious as well.
Twitter: @eating4living
Eating4Living on Facebook
FitnJess ScreenshotJessica Sweeney, RD
Blog: FitnJess
About: FitNjess follows Jessica's daily ramblings and nutrition adventures as a newly credentialed Dietitian in PA. She currently work as a clinical dietitian at a small hospital. She is passionate about food, exercise and nutrition and loves to discuss all these topics on her blog. She loves creating simple, wholesome and quick recipes. She also includes workout tips, workout plans and her own personal favorite workouts (running and pilates!)
Twitter: @FitNjess
Beth Warren, MS, RD, CDN
Blog: Food for Thought
About: Beth Warren is a Registered Dietitian and a New York State Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist with a private practice in Brooklyn, New York. Her nutrition approach is about eating whole, real foods. Committed to simplifying what became the complicated world of nutrition, Beth promises to develop a realistic, personalized treatment plan for each of her clients using a holistic, whole body approach. She blogs about topics on eating whole foods, gives recipes and nutrition advice and comments on recent health trends and news in a fun, clear and simple way!
Twitter: @bethwarrenrd
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Food Lady RD ScreenshotJennifer Lynn-Pullman MA, RD, LDN
Blog: Food Lady RD
About: Information on basic nutrition, food, eating/diet tips, bariatric nutrition and product reviews.
Twitter: @foodladyrd
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Fresh Beet ScreenshotAshley Galloway MS, RD
Blog: The Fresh Beet
About: The Fresh Beet aims to inspire others to get creative in the kitchen while adding a nutritious twist to dishes. Also found here are restaurant reviews to give a taste of what the local community has to offer, as well as tips to make healthier choices while dining out. Lastly, from time to time The Fresh Beet discusses nutrition in the news, keeping up with some of the food and health issues in our country.
Rachel Begun, MS, RD, CDN
Blog: the Gluten Free RD
About: Rachel Begun, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and food and nutrition communications expert with celiac disease. She combines her nutrition background, food industry expertise and hand-on experience to share her thoughts, opinions, recipes, product, and restaurant reviews about how to eat gluten-free healthfully and happily.
Twitter: @rachelbegunRD
Elizabeth Patton, MS, RD, LD, CDE
Blog: Good Food Tastes Good
About: The GoodFood blog was inspired by the comment, “healthy food doesn’t taste good.” Through her company, RDbyyourside, Liz's mission is to help people learn that healthy eating can be simple, flavorful, enjoyable, affordable and achievable. On the blog, you'll find recipes, tips to simplify healthy eating and all sorts of other stuff related to food and nutrition. Discover how easy it can be to enjoy healthy food!
Facebook: Good Food Blog on Facebook
Happiness in Health ScreenshotJessie Erwin, RD, LDN
Blog: The Happiness in Health
About: Jessie Erwin is a registered dietitian who wants to show you how to live happy and healthy with style. Through recipes, nutrition tips, and the occasional cartoon, Jessie shares her secrets for healthy living: good food and lots of laughter.
Twitter: @JessieHealthRD
Facebook: The Happiness in Health on Facebook
Megan Madden, MS, RD, CDN
Blog: The Healthy Diet
About: Registered dietitian Megan Madden takes a real-life approach to healthy eating. Her blog focuses on how to design a balanced diet in an effort to prevent or treat nutritionally-related medical conditions. Megan believes in the power of food and its ability to provide you with all the nutrients your body needs.
Twitter: @HealthyDietRD
Katie Heddleston, MS, RD
Blog: Healthy Heddleston
About: My blog is about Katie's life as a Registered Dietitian. In her posts you will see information regarding the gluten-free lifestyle, her running progress - including half marathon recaps, nutrition tips, recipes, and insights into her life.
Twitter: @katieheddleston
Facebook: Healthy Heddleston on Facebook
Alysa Bajenaru, RD, CPT
Blog: Inspired RD
About: This blog is about inspiring families to cook together, play together and live a healthy lifestyle. You will find simple recipes, nutrition facts, fitness tips and family fun.
Twitter: @InspiredRD
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Courtney Stinson, RD
Blog: Lettuce Live Well
About: Food and nutrition ramblings, insights and recommendations that just plain make sense.
Twitter: @LettuceLiveWell
Facebook: Lettuce Live Well on Facebook
Denine Rogers, RD, Ld
Blog: Living Healthy Online
About: Living Healthy Online is a health and wellness blog where our focus is to educate, inform and discuss about Nutrition, Gardening, Alternative Medicine and Cultural Diversity.
Twitter: @LivingHealthyMe
Facebook: Living Healthy Online on Facebook
Lori Walker Nutrition ScreenshotLori Walker Zanini, RD, CDE
Blog: Lori Walker Nutrition
About: Providing motivation and inspiration to lead a healthy, beautiful life!
Twitter: @LoriTheRD
Kristina LaRue, RD
Blog: Love and Zest
About: Love and Zest is a lifestyle blog that shares recipes, life, and nutrition and encourages a healthy balance that is nurturing to the body. Join Kristina in eating tasty and delicious food and experiencing the goodness in life.
Twitter: @kristinalarueRD
Teri L. Collins, RD, LD
Blog: Managed Macros
About: Teri Collins is a clinical dietitian also working independently through her own business, Managed Macros. This blog features clean, nutritious recipes with focus on muscle building and holistic heath, all while managing your macros!
Twitter: @managedmacros
Facebook: Managed Macros on Facebook
Blog: Marina Stauffer, RD, CDN
About: A blog about healthy eating ideas, tips, and recipes. Marina is a consulting dietitian who promotes cooking and supporting local food systems in order to meet nutritional needs. This blog addresses typical concerns such as busy lifestyles and the love of good tasting food!
Twitter: @MStaufferRD
Facebook: Marina Stauffer on Facebook
Lauren O'Connor, MS, RD
Blog: Nutri-Savvy
About: With Lauren's motto, "Savor, Taste, Enjoy...Nutrition!", you can learn to love truly good-for-you food and enjoy it with Nutri-Savvy. Give your taste buds a chance to discover that 'healthy' can be delicious.
Twitter: @LaurenOConnorRD
Facebook: Nutri-Savvy on Facebook
Nutrition4Life ScreenshotAllison Tannenbaum, MS, RD
Blog: Nutrition4Life
About: A blog about food, nutrition and healthy living. Anything that is current in the culture of the world pertaining to nutrition is what is blogged about!
Twitter: @Nutrition4Lifee
Karman Meyer, RD, LDN
Blog: Nutrition Adventures
About: Karman is a Registered Dietitian who is on a quest for healthy and delicious food, both at home and in restaurants! There is a common misconception that nutritious foods can't possibly taste good... but that is so wrong! Karman is here to share what she has learned from cooking in her own kitchen, and the tasty discoveries she uncovers during dining adventures.
Twitter: @food_delights
Nutrition Babes ScreenshotLauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RD
Additional Blog Authors: Kathleen A Seigel, RD, CDN
Blog: Nutrition Babes
About: At we are passionate about our philosophy of better health through our "Triad of Wellness" which includes balanced nutrition, exercise, and cleaner living. Join us and learn to Think Healthy...not Skinny"
Twitter: @NutritionBabes
Facebook: Nutrition Babes on FacebookNutrition BabesNutrition BabesNutrition Babes
BRG ScreenshotBonnie R. Giller, MS, RD, CDN, CDE
Blog: The Nutrition Key with BRG
About: The Nutrition Key with BRG provides accurate and timely nutrition information on the latest developments in diabetes management, weight loss, GI disorders and cardiovascular health along with lots of health and nutrition tips and recipes that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle.
Twitter: @brghealth
Facebook: BRG Dietetics and Nutrition PC
Brittany Glassett, RD, CPT
Blog: Nutrition in a Nutshell
About: Brittany is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer out to make the world a healthier place by debunking one nutrition myth at a time. Nutrition is a complex science but eating healthy should be simple! Brittany is here to provide evidence-based information and share her stories & recipes as she pursues her journey of becoming the healthiest she can be.
Twitter: @BrittanyG_RD
Rob Masterson, RD
Additional Authors: Elise Truman, Katie Caputo, RD
Blog: Nutrition Lately
About: From recent trends to the latest scientific studies, Nutrition Lately serves to bridge the gap between confusion and resourcefulness by providing information that is accurate, relevant, and timely. The science behind nutrition is constantly growing and evolving - keeping pace can be a challenge. Nutrition Lately can help.
Twitter: @nutritionlately
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The Nutrition Reviews ScreenshotAmanda Hernandez, RD
Blog: The Nutritionist Reviews
About: A product review/giveaway blog with healthy recipes and "Ask the RD" nutrition posts
Twitter: @MInutritionist
Facebook: The Nutritionist Reviews on Facebook
Elena Paravantes, RD
Blog: Olive Tomato
About: If you want trusted information about the Mediterranean Diet, you’re at the right place. Join me, a Registered Dietitian living in Greece, as I talk about the Mediterranean and Greek diet, news, research, recipes and learn how you can incorporate this healthy diet into your life.
Twitter: @greekdiet
Facebook: Olive Tomato on Facebook
Allison Rovtar, RD, LDN
Blog: Picky Eating RD
About: Allison's blog documents her experience being a picky eater and quest to find energy promoting foods that everyone (even picky eaters) will enjoy!
Twitter: @Allie_RD
Facebook: Picky Eating RD on Facebook
Nicole Morrissey, MS, RD, LD
Blog: Prevention RD
About: Nicole is a Registered Dietitian who loves to cook crowd-pleasing meals without sacrificing taste or nutrition. She talks about health trends, healthy cooking, exercise, gardening, and more!
Twitter: @preventionRD
Facebook: Prevention RD on Facebook
Pure Forme ScreenshotJenny Champion, RD, CDE, CPT, CDN
Blog: Pure Forme
About: All things food and fitness in New York City. Pure Forme is dedicated to promoting happy, healthy lives through balanced eating and fab workouts!
Twitter: @PureForme
Facebook: Pure Forme on Facebook
Sensory Nutrition ScreenshotStephanie Brina-Herres, MS, RD, CDN
Blog: Sensory Nutrition
About: An Italian RD/mom’s shared food journey. Inspired by family, heritage, friends, art, and science. Packed with insights, recipes, resources, techniques, tips, and trends.
Twitter: @nutriserious
Facebook: Sensory Nutrition
Simply Nutricising ScreenshotAlyson Heller, RD, LD, ACSM
Blog: Simply Nutricising
About: The key to living a long eventful life is simply nutricising. Nutricising (v.): engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviors that will take you to a place where you can be happy, healthy, stress free, and successful. It is important that every day you take a moment for yourself to practice nutricising to make a difference in yourself and/or your community.
Twitter: @alysonheller
Facebook: Simply Nutricising on Facebook
EA Stewart, MBA, RD
Blog: The Spicy RD
About: Inspired by the quote "Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all it's flavor," The Spicy RD Blog is where dietitian EA Stewart shares her own spice of life including gluten-free recipes, cooking with her kids, nutrition wisdom, travels around the world, and her love of photography.
Twitter: @thespicyrd
Facebook: The Spicy RD on Facebook
Kristen Bourque, RD
Blog: Swanky Dietitian
About: Kristen's blog gives a look into the life of a dietitian. She takes you into the adventures of her life as she cooks, travels, exercises, and enjoys life in Las Vegas. Kristen provides healthy recipes and other resources to readers.
Twitter: @swankydietitian
Facebook: Swanky Dietitian on Facebook
Caroline Kaufman, MS, RD
Blog: Sweet Foodie
About: Recipes, Photos, and a Healthy Appetite for Nutrition: serving up dishes, desserts, confessions, diversions, information, and conversation.
Twitter: @sweetfoodie
Chere Bork, MS, RD, LN
Blog: Taste Life With Chere Bork
About: Chere empowers people with the 5 key ingredients for savory living – purpose, energy, balance, happiness and health.
Twitter: @ChereBork
Facebook: Savor Your Life on Facebook
Dara Aronow, RD & Barbara Davidson, MS, RD
Blog: Teachkids2eat
About: This blog was created by two moms and Registered Dietitians with school aged kids. The goal is to provide the education and tools for parents to teach kids how to make healthy food choices both in school and at home. Children should have a positive attitude about food and possess the knowledge to make wise choices, now and as they mature.
Twitter: @teachkids2eat
Facebook: Teachkids2eat on Facebook
Rebecca Horsman, MS, RD
Blog: Tots to Teens Nutrition
About: A mom / dietitian blog that includes tips on child growth, feeding picky eaters, family meals, and cultivating a healthy body image.
Twitter: @totstoteen
Tracy Nutrition ScreenshotTracy P, RD
Blog: TracyNutrition
About: Tracy is a 24 year old registered Dietitian and a proud Irish lady. She is passionate about all things nutrition and fitness related. This blog follows her life, career, nutritional thoughts and fitness adventures in the beautiful city of Boston.
Twitter: @Tracy_Nutrition
Natalia Stasenko, MS, RD
Blog: Tribeca Nutrition
About: Tribeca Nutrition provides professional help for your family’s everyday nutrition. Natlia helps parents raise healthy eaters, resolve picky eating, eat well with food allergies and enjoy family meals in simple and delicious ways. Evidence-based techniques and strategies aim at fostering parents’ confidence and skills in feeding their children right and helping them develop life-long eating habits that start with eating better right now. I also support mothers to eat better and become more balanced, healthy and beautiful than ever.
Twitter: @NataliaStasenko
Facebook: Tribeca Nutrition on Facebook
Crystal Petrello, MS, RD
Blog: Vegas Vitality Nutrition
About: Vegas Vitality Nutrition will be a year long journey through Las Vegas lifestyle, food, and nightlife while eating well and feeling refreshed.
Twitter: @ClearNutrition
Facebook: Vegas Vitality on Facebook
Kate Scarlata, RD, LDN
Blog: Well Balanced. Food. Life. Travel.
About: Kate is a mom, wife, sister, dietitian, runner, dog lover, and foodie.
Twitter: @KateScarlata_RD
the Yonut ScreenshotJennifer Vagios, MS, RD
Blog: The Yonut. Jennifer Vagios.
About: Yo stands for Yoga and Nut stands for nutrition. Jennifer brings both together and shares laughter, wellness, and sometimes a cupcake along the way!
Facebook: Jennifer Vagios. The Yonut on Facebook
Twitter: @jennifervagios