Healthy Eating Champions

Looking for some healthy inspiration? Our Healthy Eating Champions know a thing or two about successfully eating well. Learn from them as they navigate their own path towards living healthy and eating happy.

Dena Bitel
Blog: 40 Fit in the Mitt
About: Dena blogs about her love of staying fit, eating healthy foods and living an active and fun life with her husband. She share's easy, healthy and satisfying recipes along with fun workouts and tips on staying fit.
Twitter: @denajeanneb
Facebook: 40 Fit in the Mitt on Facebook
A Healthy Happy HomeGiselle Schroer
Blog: A Healthy Happy Home
About: A Healthy Happy Home is written by a stay at home mom of one who loves to cook, clean and workout. She enjoys feeding her family minimally processed foods so is coming up with new healthy recipes all the time. Daily posts include information about health and fitness as well as fun things to do with your family. A Healthy Happy Home is a great place to get ideas on how to create your own healthy happy home!
Twitter: @GiselleSchroer
Facebook: A Healthy Happy Home on Facebook
Athlete's Plate Blog ScreenshotMatt Tabor
Blog: the Athlete's Plate
About: The Athlete's Plate follows the life of a recent college graduate trying to find his way in the world through food, fitness, and everything in between. Between running marathons and cooking healthy meals, I have plenty that I would love for you to experience with me.
Twitter: @athletesplate
Facebook: Athlete's Plate on Facebook
Cait McDonald
Blog: Beyond Bananas
About: Sometimes life can get a little bit crazy! At Beyond Bananas, Cait blogs about moving past the craziness of life and finding a healthy balance of eating healthy, wholesome foods, staying fit and working out, teaching second grade, and planning her upcoming wedding.
Twitter: @beyondbananas1
Facebook: Beyond Bananas on Facebook
Talia Tugman
Blog: Bite Size Wellness
About: Bite Size Wellness is a growing hub where health can be made simple again. In an effort to be in touch with a healthy lifestyle, Talia shares her ups and downs with wellness in a new city while spreading knowledge on head-to-toe health in bite size portions. Check out BSW for healthy living in a cinch!
Twitter: @BiteSzWellness
Facebook: Bite Size Wellness on Facebook
Busy Mama Fitness ScreenshotRachel Boller
Blog: Busy Mama Fitness
About: Showing moms by example that it's possible to exercise, eat well and find time for themselves even with kids! That women can get their bodies back after having a baby and even make them better than ever!
Twitter: @TurboRachel
Facebook: Rachel Boller Fitness on Facebook
Sharan Rai
Blog: College Girl Eats
About: Sharan is a 22-year-old genetics student studying at the University of British Columbia. Her blog documents her life as she navigates through her final semesters in college while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Join Sharan as she experiences the many ups and downs that life has to offer, including dating blunders and a running injury!
Twitter: @collegegirleats
shamsul ambia bin abdul aziz
Blog: colonrevolution
About: An ex smoker who managed to quit after switching to a healthy diet aided with a good supplement program. Now pursuing immortality and ageless living through healthy living. This blog is about his journey.
Daily Choices Add Up ScreenshotElaine Ori, CSEP-CEP
Blog: Daily Choices Add Up
About: With so much information at our disposal, living healthy can at times seem daunting and overwhelming. But it shouldn’t be. Making healthy choices means knowing when and how to care for your body and that each little choice has the potential to add up to big benefits. Breaking down stereotypes and working through vast amounts of health information, Elaine discusses topics such as nutrition, exercise, psychology and popular media, as well as providing exercises, recipes and inspiration to help you achieve your goals. As a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Elaine has spent many years teaching healthy lifestyle and supportive methods for living well. Taking a positive spin and a bit of humor, Elaine tackles the science and culture of health to help readers realize that living healthy is achievable for everyone, everyday.
Twitter: @ChoicesAddUp
Facebook: on Facebook
Meg Doll
Blog: A Dash of Meg
About: Meg blogs about herself, her love for healthy food ,and fitness while sharing recipes, workouts, daily activities and thoughts!
Twitter: @ADashofMeg
Family Fitness FoodCarrie Skoll
Blog: Family Fitness Food
About: Carrie is a married, stay-at-home mom/student in Southern CA who made health a priority a few years ago. She's become a runner and is now training for her 2nd half marathon while also studying to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). Her blog follows her journey to balance family with fitness and a love of good food.
Twitter: @CarrieSinCA
Facebook: Family Fitness Food on Facebook
Becky Martinez
Blog: Fit Chick on the Fly
About: Becky is a twenty-six year old girl that's always on the move. Finding time to stay fit and healthy is always a challenge but she somehow manages to get it done. As a former collegiate athlete at The University of South Carolina, Becky learned what health, fitness and time management was all about. Now with a full time desk job and a part time coaching position, she's learned how to squeeze in her morning work outs while developing a passion for cooking.
Twitter: @fitchikonthefly
Blog: Fit Foodies. Healthy Life.
About: A blog about fitness, clean eating and balancing life.
Twitter: @monika_fit
Facebook: Fit Foodie, Healthy Life on Facebook
Fit 'N' Well Mommy ScreenshotMelissa Cheney, CPT
Fit 'N' Well Mommy
About: Melissa shares her experiences of being a new mom, staying fit, and making healthy meals for her family, as well as her knowledge and passion of health and wellness to ultimately help you become a Fit ‘n’ Well Mommy, too!
Facebook: Fit 'N' Well Mommy on Facebook
Gillian Stephen
Blog: Fitnessbuster
About: Supporting you in your fitness and nutrition goals to lose weight and keep it off. By making better and more healthy eating choices and incorporating regular exercise into your schedule.
Twitter: @Gillian_Stephen
Facebook: Fitnessbuster on Facebook
Stephanie Suire
Blog: Food and Fitness 4 Real
About: As a busy working mom, Stephanie struggled to find time to cook healthy meals for her family or to fit in exercise at the end of a long day. Near the end of 2010, she decided to commit to a healthy lifestyle and signed up for her first half marathon. After blogging about her family for 3 years, Stephanie launched Food and Fitness 4 Real in 2011 as a way to help others who were struggling with their healthy living journey. Now she blogs about finding time for exercise, tips for staying motivated during long distance training, advice on “clean” eating and creates healthy recipes that the entire family can enjoy.
Twitter: @FoodFit4Real
Facebook: Food and Fitness 4 Real on Facebook
Lauren George, MS, CPT
Blog: Fun, Fit, & Fabulous
About: Fun, Fit and Fabulous is all about finding balance between having fun, eating healthy, and enjoying all of the fabulous things life has to offer. Lauren shares healthy recipes, workout tips, exercise reviews, and tid-bits about her life as a group exercise director, personal trainer, wife and mama to her precious dog Champ!
Facebook: Fun, Fit, & Fabulous on Facebook
Future Fit Girl Blog Screen ShotJordan Denton
Blog: Future Fit Girl
About: FutureFitGirl started as a way for Jordan to document her goals, thoughts, ups and downs on her journey to move, feel good and treat her body well. It tracks her exercise and food choices on her path to lose weight, keep it off, and get fit. She might not be there yet, but she is a Future Fit Girl in her heart and her body just has to catch up!
Twitter: @futurefitgirl
Facebook: Future Fit Girl on Facebook
Erin Smith
Blog: Girl Gone Veggie
About: Erin grew up living what she would consider the typical American lifestyle. She used to eat whatever she wanted to eat whenever she wanted to eat it. Erin loved a good home cooked meal but fast food was definitely her friend. And while she Irish danced since she was five she never made it a point to make exercise a part of her daily routine. This affected how she felt about herself, her energy levels, and how the clothes she loved to wear so much fit on her body. She recently made a vow to live the healthy life she knows she can, to make her body strong, to feed it right. Erin recently stopped eating meat and recently fell in love with making her body break a sweat. This blog is dedicated to her journey.
Twitter: @girlgoneveggie
Blog: Gluten-Free Tips
About: Education will be provided about Celiac Disease & symptoms. Celiac Disease awareness info will be provided for a more nutritional, healthful lifestyle if newly diagnosed. Also, recipe tips will be given for a gluten-free hectic lifestyle.
Twitter: @GFDougie
health advocation screenshotNicole Chamberlin
Blog: Health Advocation
About: This blog is focused on nutrition, fitness, and articles on the health industry/current trends written by a high school health enthusiast who aspires to become a wellness coach!
Twitter: @healthadvocatio
Healthy Helper ScreenshotKaila Proulx
Blog: Healthy Helper Blog
About: Healthy living blog about the passions of a teen interested in delicious food, fun fitness, discovering new products, and being outdoors as much as possible!
Twitter: @healthy_helper
Facebook: Healthy Helper Blog
Janie Lopez, MSW, M.Ed.
Blog: I am J the Blog
About: Empowering individuals to adjust to life and being gluten free.
Twitter: @iamjtheblog
Facebook: iamjtheblog on Facebook
I'm Fit Possible ScreenshotTara Gusmanis
Blog: I'm Fit Possible
About: Are you Fit Possible? Being Fit Possible is about balancing fitness, nutrition, humor, relationships and just the right amount of sass.
Twitter: @TaraGusmanis
Facebook: I'm Fit Possible on Facebook
Danielle Brown
Blog: itsaharleyyylife
About: Danielle blogs about her daily life which includes her journey to living a healthy lifestyle. About a year ago she started reading blogs in the healthy living community and since then she has been trying to eat healthier (with still some good treats) and working out to become a strong lady.
Twitter: @dbrow814
Healthy, Happy, Whole Blog ScreenshotCJ Weaber
Blog: Healthy, Happy, Whole
About: For most of CJ's adult life, she has been consumed by negative-self talk and an eating disorder. Join her on the journey to find balance, health and happiness, one meal, one snack, one nutrient, at a time!
Twitter: @healthyhappywho
Facebook: Healthy, Happy, Whole on Facebook
NeverEverBeenSkinny ScreenshotAlicia Orozco
Blog: NeverEverBeenSkinny
About: A Blog about the journey from NeverEverBeenSkinny to NeverUnHealthyAgain!
Twitter: @alicia_orozco
Facebook: NeverEverBeenSkinny on Facebook
Kalie Anderson
Blog: Running Eater
About: Kalie loves to cook, write about fitness, healthy living, and give out lots of tips. She has lost 30 pounds since starting her blog and would like to lose 50 more! Becoming healthy has been a lifestyle change for her as she has suffered from an eating disorder and has not been the healthiest person. She also has gluten and dairy intolerances.
Kate Lee
Blog: Kate is Eating
About: This blog covers all things food and fitness. Kate posts recipes, restaurant reviews, and other food-based posts. Kate also posts workouts and fitness product reviews, and recaps of races and training programs when appropriate. Although many of her recipes are baking-centered, she's moving towards healthier recipes.
Twitter: @lecksicon
Claire Knudsen
Blog: Keeping Up With Claire
About: Claire's blog follows her life from all angles-health and fitness related, everyday life, and her training for a half-marathon in 2013. She writes about her workouts, recipes, and everyday adventures, and passion to be healthy and happy!
Twitter: @ClaireKnudsen
Laughter, Strength, Food Blog ScreenshotKelly Baird
Blog: Laughter, Strength, Food
About: A blog that follows the ramblings of a twenty-something foodie, blogger, fitness instructor and runner. Kelly shares her healthy living experiences through her recipes and workouts with an emphasis on the necessities of life... laughter, strength, and food!
Twitter: @LaughingFood
Facebook: Laughter, Strength, Food on Facebook
Lean Green MP Blog ScreenshotMary Pat Baldauf
Blog: Lean Green MP
About: She never met a vegetable she liked, but at the age of 44, Mary Pat Baldauf adopted a plant-based diet to lose weight and improve her health. Share the successes (and struggles) as she replaces the diet mentality with a lifetime commitment to improved eating behavior and regular physical activity.
Twitter: @LeanGreenMP
Facebook: Lean Green MP on Facebook
Alexandra Boyer
Blog: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Foodiness
About: An unalienable right is the pursuit of happiness--for some, happiness is food, so pursue it! This blog pursues happiness through a love for cooking, eating and nutrition.
Twitter: @LifeLibertyFood
Facebook: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Foodiness on Facebook
Taylor Ryan
Blog: Lifting Revolution
About: Taylor's blog is about "lifting pots, lifting weights and lifting lives". A complete lifestyle blog helping women to better understand how to live a healthier life for their families and themselves. She loves food and photography so she is regularly posting recipes and meal ideas.
Twitter: @femininemuscle
Facebook: Lifting Revolution on Facebook
Lisa Lately ScreenshotLisa Lately
Blog: Lisa Lately
About: Lise is a 21 year old health and fitness nut. She loves to share her healthy, easy recipes and tough workouts with the community. She also loves to inspire others in working towards a healthy body image and self love.
Twitter: @Lisa_Lately
Debbie Woodruff, CPT
Blog: Live from La Quinta
About: Debbie is a vegan athlete, trainer, coach & animal lover. Find plant based recipes, training tips and fitness advice, as well as tales of living a vegan lifestyle.
Twitter: @livefromlq
Facebook: Live from La Quinta on Facebook
Amy Sinclair
Blog: Mac&Cheese&Peas
About: A Healthy Living blog filled with recipes and workouts.
Twitter: @macncheesenpeas
Facebook: Mac&Cheese&Peas on Facebook
Samantha Thierry
Blog: My Feet in Motion
About: My Feet in Motion focuses on the daily doings of a collegiate athlete majoring in dietetics with the occasional product review.
Twitter: @samthierry
Parita Patel
Blog: myinnershakti
About: Myinnershakti is about healthy living with a 360 degree mindset - the mind, body, and soul approach. Good food nourishes all three of those elements, as does regular exercise, self-reflection, altruism, etc., which is what this blog is all about.
Twitter: @myinnershakti
Facebook: myinnershakti on Facebook
My Mostly Healthy Life ScreenshotSarah Ohm
Blog: My (Mostly) Healthy Life
About: This blog is all about balance. The author really strives to live an active life while eating clean and sharing clean recipes, however she knows a cocktail is sometimes needed!
Twitter: @sarahohm
Facebook: My (Mostly) Healthy Life on Facebook
Stellina Saia
Blog: My Yogurt Addiction
About: My Yogurt Addiction follows Stellina's never ending yogurt addiction and quest to live a healthy lifestyle while still indulging in (only healthy) addictions! Some topics that are frequently discussed are recipes, restaurant reviews, healthy eating tips, fitness tips and general healthy living tips.
Twitter: @Yogurtaddiction
Facebook: My Yogurt Addiction on Facebook
Nicole Rodriguez
Blog: Nicole On A Mission
About: On A Mission to get healthy and fit in Austin, TX.
Twitter: @nicole2112
Facebook: Nicole on a Mission on Facebook
Christine McCarthy
Blog: Oatmeal In My Bowl
About: Oatmeal, Yoga, Hiking & Veggies are my ♥. Let's trek healthy together!
Twitter: @oatmealbowl
Facebook: Oatmeal in my Bowl on Facebook
Stephanie Wilson
Blog: On the Road to RD
About: On the Road to RD is a blog about Stephanie's journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian. Readers 'learn as she learns' as Stephanie makes the transition from Nutrition Undergrad to Dietetic Intern at Cal Poly, SLO. Daily topics include "healthified" recipes, nutrition knowledge bites, endurance running rampages and race recaps, as well as plenty of tips for future RDs!
Twitter: @OntheRoadtoRD
Facebook: On the Road to RD on Facebook
Rachael Harris
Blog: Passing Daisies
About: Passing Daisies is a health & wellness blog that focuses on healthy living tips and recipes, as well as product reviews. We hope to provide you with all the information necessary to live a healthy and happy life. We love hearing your suggestions!
Twitter: @cityxlights13
Facebook: Passing Daisies on Facebook
Prior Fat Girl Blog ScreenshotJen Emmert
Additional Bloggers: JP, Elle, Lindsay, Amanda
Blog: Prior Fat Girl
About: The Prior Fat Girl blog started on July 2, 2008 as a personal journal used during Jen Emmert's weight loss journey - a journey of losing 90 pounds by working out and eating healthy. Throughout Jen's journey, she relied on the blog to document her experiences whether frustrations or successes. While she found journaling her experiences to be therapeutic, Jen quickly realized the depth of the online community and learned that her journey was not unlike many out there. And, although the blog initially began as a personal "therapy", it has now become a community for others to be connected with those on a similar journey.
Twitter: @priorfatgirl
Facebook: Prior Fat Girl on Facebook
Positively Healthy Blog ScreenshotRob Portinga, CSFN
Blog: Positively-Healthy
About: A resource of practical, useful information that will help you make informed decisions that impact your own positively healthy diet.
Twitter: @mcnee
Facebook:Positively Healthy on Facebook
Mary C. Weaver, CSCS
Blog: Prime Fitness for Women
About: Primefit presents solid, research-based articles on healthy fat loss, good nutrition, strength training, and cardio for women over 40--as well as plenty of encouragement!
Twitter: @themusclediva
Facebook: Prime Fitness for Women on Facebook
Heather Holtz
Blog: Run Eat Play
About: Run Eat Play is a blog about food & recipes, fitness & working out. It also is about family fun, and being able to create a healthy balance in life. Fitness, Food, & Family Fun!
Twitter: @RunEatPlay
Karen Welby
Blog: Run with Nutrition
About: Run with Nutrition is a compilation of recipes, workouts, healthy living tips, food, fitness and fun! As a former Collegiate 800-Meter Runner turned Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Karen shares how to make simple lifestyle tweaks via nutrition and exercise to feel better - and run faster!
Twitter: @coach_karenw
Facebook: Run with Nutrition on Facebook
the Singing Runner Blog ScreenshotKaty Sputo
Blog: the Singing Runner
About: The Singing Runner is a daily health and fitness blog that follows the life of a busy college student through marathon training, fitness, healthy eating, and other day-to-day activities. Katy strives to show that it is possible for college students and young adults to make smart, healthy food decisions and live an active life!
Twitter: @Singing_Runner
Facebook: the Singing Runner on Facebook
Stacey Steiner
Blog: Starpulp
About: Running, healthy cooking, biking, more cooking, swimming, and living life.
Twitter: @starpulp
Facebook: Starpulp on Facebook
Stuft Mama Blog ScreenshotKristin Stehly, CPT
Blog: Stuft Mama
About: A blog about a crazy, busy mom of toddler twins trying to balance it all. Daily kitchen experiments, new recipes and healthy food finds are one of the main features here. As a fitness professional, Kristin is also passionate about exercising and staying fit. .STUFT Mama is a look into the hectic life of a mom who puts health and happiness first. Come on in and enjoy the journey! You'll be sure to enjoy the ride!
Twitter: @stuftmama
Facebook: Stuft Mama on Facebook
Whitney Mattocks
Blog: Whit Likes Fit
About: Whitney is 30, lives in Portland, OR and is the author of WhitLikesFit. She spends her days working full-time and her free time learning about fitness and health while being a wife to an amazing husband, and mom to a super cute dog named Chance. She loves cooking and trying new, healthy recipes and has recently started to cut out processed foods from her diet and is enjoying the challenge of creating some of her favorite snacks from scratch. She also balances a pretty active social life, which includes plenty of cowboy boots, country music, and the occasional mason jar of beer. Her philosophy? Life is short, and you only get one. So enjoy it. Eat the cookie, have the glass of wine, but go to the gym and make smart choices. Being fit is one big balancing act, and she’s just trying to avoid falling off the balance beam.
Twitter: @Whitlikesfit
Facebook: Whit Likes Fit on Facebook
Julie Finlayson
Blog: Weighward Woman
About: "The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Blog" Julie's blog chronicles her fitness journey, including a one-year commitment to several specific fitness goals including logging a thousand miles in fitness activities. She shares her victories, her struggles, some healthier recipes, and some humor along the way.
Roxanne B Sukol, MD, MS
Blog: Your Health is on Your Plate
About: Teaching readers about the difference between real food and manufactured calories in an attempt to improve overall health and to reverse the diabetes and obesity epidemics.
Twitter: @RoxanneSukolMD
Facebook: Your Health is on Your Plate on Facebook