The Health Benefits of Laughter

Have you laughed lately?

I’m not talking about a little giggle, a courtesy laugh at a lame joke, or a mini hehe here and there.  I mean a deep down from the belly, post ab soreness kind of laugh.  The kind of laughter that makes tears run down your face and is so intense it’s contagious.  The kind of laughter that is often induced by ridiculous pictures on the Internet.  God bless the Internet.

A good laugh now and then can certainly put a perma-smile on your face; but did you know that there are other health benefits that come along with that chuckle?

Why you should laugh a little, each and every day:

  • Laughing releases endorphins. You know, those feel-good chemicals in your body!  This release of endorphins not only gives you a boost in your mood and an overall sense of well-being, but it may also temporarily relieve the sense of pain.  So the next time you stub your toe, don’t get angry or upset, just let out a laugh instead.
  • Laughing reduces stress. Who couldn’t use a little added stress relief in their life?  The act of laughing stimulates circulation and aids in muscle relaxation, both of which help to reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.  Laughter also helps to improve your mental health by easing anxiety and fear- two stress inducing emotions.
  • Laughter helps to improve your immune system. Positive thoughts  release neuropeptides, which help fight stress and potentially help prevent more serious illnesses.  Some studies have even shown that laughter and the ability to use humor may even raise the level of infection-fighting antibodies in the body.  These same studies also found that laughter may increase the the level of immune cells in your body.
  • The social benefits of laughter. Would you be more attracted to a person who is grumpy all the time, or one who often wears a smile on their face?  Laughing not only attracts others, but it is also a great way to improve the relationships in your life.  Laughter can help to enhance teamwork, defuse conflict, and even promote group bonding.
Now that you’ve learned all about the benefits of laughter, why not get your laugh on?  Head on over to Fun, Fit and Fabulous to read Lauren’s Friday Funnies.  They are sure to put a smile on your face and fill the room with laughter.  But just in case those tidbits don’t satisfy your need for funny, feel free to enjoy the collection below.  If you’re working toward a happy, healthy life, then perhaps you should consider adding a good laugh to your daily regiment.
Where do you turn when you’re in need of a good laugh?

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  1. Allie says

    Hi I am a high school student and I am doing a health project for school. The projects revolves around a questions that I have created. That question is “How does laughter affect my immune system?” I was wandering if you had any other possible answers to this other than what you included in your blog. Thanks for reading this! Your blog was great!