October 25, 2014

Peanut Butter Banana Bites

“Looking for a quick and easy after school snack? These peanut butter banana bites are so easy, kids of all ages can easily whip them together! But don’t let them have all the fun! Join in and see what sort of fun you can have together! Stack ‘em high, build a sculpture, get creative and […]

5 Fun Kid-Inspired Kitchen Activities to Kick Off Kids Eat Right Month

Healthy eating isn’t just for grown ups! In fact, learning how to eat well should begin at an early age. At least that’s what we believe here at Around the Plate and this August, Kids Eat Right Month serves as the perfect reminder to make nutrition a family affair. Although there are many different way […]

Stop Packing Boring Lunches, And Start Packing Ones That Rock!

Packing a lunch day after day for your kids can get, well, boring. And boring lunches  often end up being wasted lunches. Allow yourself to get creative AND keep the basics intact by making sure you include the following foods on a consistent basis. What You’ll Need:  Fresh fruits and vegetables Whole grains A fun […]

Healthy Halloween Treats to Enjoy With Your Kids

When it comes to Halloween, its often hard to think of it from a health perspective. It almost seems cruel. After all, its only one night, right? True. But why settle just for candy when you and your kids can enjoy, yes ENJOY, healthy Halloween treats that you make or eat together? From simple to […]

Get Your Kids in the Kitchen with these Creative Summer Snack Ideas

Trying to get kids in the kitchen this summer? Or are you lettings kids just grab something from the cupboard and run? Whether you have lots of time or only a little, consider giving one of these hands-on snacks a try. Not only are they nutritious, but they’re so much fun to create that your […]

Don’t Throw Away That Food Package! Make a Craft Instead

If you have kids, or have ever babysat before, you know that kids constantly need to be entertained. It can sometimes be difficult to think of something creative for your kids to do when they come to you saying, “they’re bored” again, and again, and again.  Luckily, you don’t have to look any further than […]

Picky Eating 101: Bringing Calm Back to the Family Table

If you have kids or have ever been in a packed restaurant for the 5:30pm family rush, you are well aware that feeding kids isn’t always a cake walk. Some kids will only eat wagon wheel shaped pasta. Others will gorge on red fruits and run far away from anything orange. Whatever the quirks associated […]

Eating Healthy with Your Kids

by featured blogger Rachel Boller from Busy Mama Fitness When your house is occupied by grown-ups, sticking with a healthy whole food lifestyle is probably easier. You are in control of the weekly menu, the shopping list and what is allowed in your pantry and what’s not. However, when children come into the mix, a […]

Cultivating Good Nutrition and Healthy Body Image in our Children

Breaking News! There is currently a severe and dangerous epidemic sweeping across the country. It’s an epidemic that is targeting our children and youth and the incidence rate continues to rise every year. Today, eating disorders plague the youth in America, and it may surprise you that these disorders are actually classified as a disease. […]

In the Defense of Snack Foods

by Jessica Serdikoff Tamara Duker Freuman is a registered dietitian who recently wrote an article all about snacking and kids. It’s true that when we think of snacks, we think of children and all the products that line the shelves of the grocery store at their eye-level. These snacks and the copious amounts of them […]