“Spectacular” Berry Lemon Verbena Pie

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Let me start by saying that zesting a lemon without a lemon zester is not worth it. For all of you other frugal fellas and ladies out there, please do yourself a favor and spend the $2 or $3 on an inexpensive citrus zester. You won’t be sorry.

Why am I so adamant about this? Well, for a couple of reasons. For one, although it was hilarious watching my boyfriend trying desperately to peel the thin layer of skin off of a lemon with the dullest paring knife I have ever seen, it was not so funny when it was my turn to try my hand at zesting without a zester. Also, there are numerous mouth-watering summer recipes out there that include lemon zest, including the recipe that we were in the process of making – Berry Lemon Verbena Pie by Annemarie from the blog Real Food, Real Deals.

Zester or no zester, this recipe is definitely worth trying! All of your senses are in for a treat: A yummy aroma wafted out of the oven as we peaked in to check on our creation; our eyes were met with the beautiful sight of red and blue berries peaking out of a golden, latticed crust; and our taste buds experienced the “spectacular” sweetness of the final result, which we enjoyed with a scoop of plain ‘ole vanilla ice-cream. That was my boyfriend’s one-word response to the pie – “spectacular.” The sweetness is no doubt due to the flavor combination of blueberries, raspberries, lemon, maple syrup, and tapioca in this recipe.

A nice feature of the recipe is that the pie crust is gluten-free, so it is a perfect dessert to use if you have any gluten-sensitive family or friends coming for dinner. Another really cool aspect of Annemarie’s post is that she gives you an estimate of what the pie costs total and per piece. And at $0.66 a piece, this pie definitely won’t break the bank!

Do you have any favorite pie flavor combinations? Feel free to comment and share them with us!

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