Our Favorite Tips for Enjoying a Healthy, Happy Fourth of July

Veggie KabobsThe Fourth of July is officially here and it is time to fire up your grill! But before you do, we thought we would share a few pointers on how to make this holiday not only an enjoyable one, but a healthy one too.

Don’t skip your pre-party meals. Although it may be tempting to skip your pre-party meals in an effort to save up your appetite, resist this temptation! Eating consistently throughout the day can ensure that you don’t over do it once the party starts. This is good news because when hunger is driving your decisions, it is often those high-calorie, low-nutrient foods that call to you first.

Plan to bring or share at least one healthy dish. Whether you are hosting the Fourth of July celebration or bringing a dish pass, consider making at least one dish that is good for you and those around you. This way you know that there is sn option that you can eat worry-free. Plus, your friends will probably appreciate the fact that you’re thinking about their health as well.

Need some healthy dish ideas? Consider checking out our Red, White, and Blue Parfaits or building a dish by combining a few of these red, white, and blue foods.

Keep calorie-filled beverages to a minimum. Although beer, wine coolers, soda, and juice are common Fourth of July beverage options, consider limiting yourself to one or two glasses and then switching to water. These sorts of beverages are often loaded with calories that can add up quickly. Water, although not very flashy, will keep you hydrated and allow you to enjoy your calories from more nutrient-dense sources.

Get Colorful. Let’s not forget that the Fourth of July is a celebration! The food you serve can be another great way to add a little pizzazz to your party and what better way to add a little sparkle than with vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables? Whether you stick with a red, white, and blue color theme or branch out into oranges, greens, and yellows, fruits and vegetables are a great way to add variety and nutrients to your party. Plus, they won’t leave you feeling bogged down after you eat them.

A few of our favorite festive  fruit and veggie recipes include this Red, White and Blue Salad from Chere Bork, RD at Taste Life, with Chere Bork this Asparagus Goat Cheese Pasta Salad from Amie Valpone at the Healthy Apple, and these fabulous vegetarian meals and sides!

Happy Fourth of July!

The Girl Behind the Plate,