Jessica Serdikoff’s New Year’s Resolution: To Become More Assertive

Need a little help setting a resolution that will last this year? We’re here to help! Throughout the month we will be sharing healthy resolutions from our team members, community members, and a few nutrition and health experts along the way. Want to share your New Year’s resolution with us? Send us your answers to the questions below and we’ll share your resolution with the rest of the Around the Plate community!

Meet Jessica Serdikoff, a recipe guru for thePlate Community! Jessica is a dietetic intern (“RD-2-Be!”) and the creator of Floptimism, a recipe-packed food blog that embraces good, homemade food without losing sight of wellness. She has spent her life surrounded by good, homemade food, and has learned that there’s more to food than just making it and eating it. Floptimism is about sharing the art of food and health with others, learning to appreciate everything to its fullest and taking life as it comes.

Jessica Serdikoff


When we asked Jessica about her New Year’s Resolution, this is what she had to say:

AtP: This year, my resolution is to:

Jessica: be more assertive in my beliefs and values.

AtP: Do you expect to encounter any obstacles in achieving your New Year’s Resolution? How do you plan to overcome them?

Jessica: Being more assertive goes against my shy nature, so it will definitely be a challenge. I think the only way to get past it is repetition and persistence – no matter how scary it is, I’m just going to keep doing it until it becomes second nature!

AtP: What’s your first step towards achieving your goal this year?

Jessica: I’m starting with mindfulness, taking a moment to reflect on what I really want and what I really believe in. Just acknowledging those beliefs and opinions to myself is my first step in asserting myself to others.

AtP: How do you plan to keep yourself accountable? Do you have an accountability partner?

Jessica: I find that journals are a great way to stay accountable and mindful of your goals. I’m going to start a journal where I write down every time I note myself successfully standing up for my beliefs and goals, as well as every time I find that I don’t do so, along with the thoughts and feelings I have associated with the situation. I also have my boyfriend standing by me, who is great at helping me stay on track with my challenges and goals – having that other person to guide you can make all the difference.

AtP: What advice do you have for someone else who is looking to set a New Year’s resolution?

Jessica: Start small and stay reasonable – I’m all about the snowball effect. When you keep things doable, stretching just beyond your comfort zone, you build up the little successes until you have the self-confidence to tackle the bigger, more daunting goals. For example, it’s not realistic to go from being pretty sedentary to being able to run a marathon, or even a half marathon, just because it’s a resolution of yours to increase your physical activity. Instead, start with a walk to the end of the block, then two blocks, and work your way up from there. You’ll be surprised how quickly you develop the endurance and confidence to reach your long-term, bigger goals – and how much longer you’re able to stick with your resolutions.


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