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November 23, 2014

It’s Time for Another #FitFriday!

Whether you love to get a good sweat session in or would rather go for a leisurely walk, finding your fitness groove is essential to good health. For my family and I, we like to get our fitness on together as a family. Whether that means taking a walk through our beautiful park system, going for a bike ride, or even racing down the streets of our neighborhood, fitness for us is a group activity.

Of course, our “work outs” aren’t limited to just our family excersions. We all participate in our own forms of exercise as well. I’m a huge fan of group fitness classes and, if time is short, workout DVDs (Jillian Michaels totally kicks my butt every single time!). Aaron prefers a good run. And the boys even participate in their own gym classes and walk-a-thon events. No matter what sort of physical activity we are doing, we always try to cheer each other on.

Today, Eli, our 5 year old, was our little #FitFriday champion! He and his elementary class participated in a school-wide walk-a-thon in which they raised money for their school. What a great idea! A fundraiser that gets kids moving! He was pretty excited about it and showed off some of his unique moves for us. Our 4 year old, Ben, got into the action too!

Walking Eli & Ben Style


How are you going to get moving today, tomorrow, or the next day? 

If you blog about your workouts or have a video you would like to share, be sure to link it up below. If you aren’t sure, perhaps you will find a little motivation from a few of our bloggers!

Check out this workout from STUFT Mama:

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The Girl  Behind the Plate,

About Kati Mora, MS, RD

Kati is a registered dietitian with a background in general nutrition and weight management. As the co-owner of Around the Plate, Kati is excited to bring you relevant nutrition information that get's you excited about living healthy and eating happy. Kati graduated with her BS in Dietetics from Central Michigan University in 2006 and then obtained her Master's in Dietetics from Central in 2010. Kati is the proud mama of two little plates, Eli and Ben, who keep her busy and smiling... most of the time. You may also recognize Kati from her work as the Kellogg's FiberPlus(R) Wellness Advocate and as a contributing author for Diets In Review.


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