It’s Time for Another #FitFriday!

Whether you love to get a good sweat session in or would rather go for a leisurely walk, finding your fitness groove is essential to good health. For my family and I, we like to get our fitness on together as a family. Whether that means taking a walk through our beautiful park system, going for a bike ride, or even racing down the streets of our neighborhood, fitness for us is a group activity.

Of course, our “work outs” aren’t limited to just our family excersions. We all participate in our own forms of exercise as well. I’m a huge fan of group fitness classes and, if time is short, workout DVDs (Jillian Michaels totally kicks my butt every single time!). Aaron prefers a good run. And the boys even participate in their own gym classes and walk-a-thon events. No matter what sort of physical activity we are doing, we always try to cheer each other on.

Today, Eli, our 5 year old, was our little #FitFriday champion! He and his elementary class participated in a school-wide walk-a-thon in which they raised money for their school. What a great idea! A fundraiser that gets kids moving! He was pretty excited about it and showed off some of his unique moves for us. Our 4 year old, Ben, got into the action too!

Walking Eli & Ben Style


How are you going to get moving today, tomorrow, or the next day? 

If you blog about your workouts or have a video you would like to share, be sure to link it up below. If you aren’t sure, perhaps you will find a little motivation from a few of our bloggers!

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