In the Spotlight: Recipe Guru Shelby Suzuki

Shelby Suzuki is a recipe guru blogger for the Around the Plate community.  Her blog is called Everyday Vegan Girl.  She is a huge food lover, just like me, which may explain my constant visits to her blog!  Her blog focuses on a healthy, simple, and not to forget vegan, lifestyle.  Although she is committed to health now, she wasn’t always.  She had a stage in her life (throughout college) where health was not on her to-do list.  Her college years were filled with a lot of ramen, diet pills and a lack of vegetables.  However, she is now dedicated to having a healthy lifestyle, which involves physical activity, vegetables, whole grains and many more nutrition-based decisions.  Lucky enough for us, Shelby has decided to share her delicious vegan recipes.

Everyday Vegan Girl Screenshot
a sneak peak of Shelby’s Blog, Everyday Vegan Girl!

Although all of Shelby’s recipes look and taste (those that I’ve had time to try) delicious, I have to say my favorite one is the Chocolate Hazelnut No-Bake Bites.  I mean, let’s just start with the title, chocolate, hazelnut and no bake!  I wasn’t sure it could get much better; however, it did!  The recipe has three ingredients and only four steps.  Chocolate, hazelnut, no baking and easy!  Pinch me I’m dreaming.  Plus, I got to use my new food processor.  Just to give you an idea of how much I enjoyed it, the recipe made 7 desserts, my boyfriend got 1.  This recipe is a perfect example of why I love Shelby’s blog, but you may not have such a weakness for desserts as I do.  In that case you should check out her blog yourself to see the variety she offers, including her Roasted Vegetable Tomato Sauce, Sweet Potato “Mac & Cheese” and Creamy Cauliflower Penne.

Despite the four recipes I highlighted, there are plenty of other reasons why Shelby’s blog rocks.   For starters, her blog can be organized anyway you want.  There are lists of her recipes in alphabetical order and lists based on category (dessert, season, key ingredients and more!)  Plus, it’s an all vegan diet, which many people may not know too much about.  Shelby also created a fun way to connect her bloggers with a link-up every Friday. Anyone is welcomed to do this; however, the one strict requirement is that the recipe you share is vegan of course!

Whether you’re a regular cook or new to the game,  this is the place for you if you want creative and delicious recipes!  But don’t take my word for it, click on her link.  I know you’ll be amazed.

An Intern Around the Plate,

Disclosure/Disclaimer: Shelby and her blog, Everyday Vegan Girl, were highlighted because she is a part of thePlate Community. If you would like to become a part of thePlate Community, check out our requirements