How to Keep Your Eating Plan on Target with a Little Honest Thinking

Source: Daily Dishonesty

Most people don’t like to think of themselves as a liar.  Yet if you take into account all the little ‘white lies’ we tell ourselves about our diet, we may be far more dishonest than we’d like to admit. This is a shame too because even the best eating plan in the world will fail if you can’t be honest about the food decisions you are making.

Take the following phrases for example:

“Apple pie counts as a serving of fruit.”

“My diet starts tomorrow.”

“Calories don’t count on the weekend.”

If these sound familiar, then chances are you aren’t being honest with yourself.  It may sound harsh at first, but the sooner we can admit that these little ‘white lies’ we tell ourselves are actually harming our health, the better off we will be.  We’re with Talia, from Bite Size Wellness, when she says, “Let’s break free of the healthy living dishonesty we tell ourselves for 2013, shall we?” But where do we even start?

How to Keep Your Eating Plan on Target with a Little Honest Thinking:

  • Write it down. Instead of just saying you’re going to do something, write it down to make it stick.  Don’t just jot down “my diet starts tomorrow.”  Be specific.  Set realistic goals and include the steps you will follow in order to achieve those goals.
  • Don’t be defined by numbers. Quit telling yourself that you’ll fit into a [insert desired clothing size here] next month… or even thinking that you need to do so in order to be happy.  Rather than being defined by a number, work toward feeling healthier.  A healthy body image doesn’t depend on fitting into a certain size of clothing.
  • Moderation. If only we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard that word.  But it’s TRUE!  When it comes to small indulgences, like chocolate or wine, we often tell ourselves “just one” and then go overboard.  If you’re prone to overindulging, skip the just one mantra and opt for skipping the indulgence all together.  It may seem radical at first, but once you come to appreciate those small indulgences even more you may be far more likely to stop after just one.
  • Put yourself first. That frazzled overwhelmed feeling often follows a time of over commitment.  Don’t stretch yourself too thin.  Learn to say ‘no’ to others in order to say ‘yes’ to yourself.  Making your health your #1 priority is not selfish.

Breaking the bad habit of telling ourselves ‘white lies’ may not be easy at first.  After all, we may have been telling ourselves these lies for quite some time.  Before you can start to make any changes, you need to make sure you are fully committed.  Once you have embraced a positive attitude, make a clear plan of how you will put an end to the healthy living dishonesty, and follow through.

An Intern Behind the Plate,

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