Day 3: Finding Your Holiday Accountability Partner #holidayplate

Healthy Holiday Series

When it comes to changing the way you eat, you should never go at it alone. Especially if you make that decision right around Christmas time! In fact, studies have even shown that social support is often an important component in successful weight loss. After all, programs like Weight Watchers probably wouldn’t be all that successful if losing weight wasn’t a group effort.

Day 3: Finding Your Holiday Accountability Partner

Finding the right person or people to hold you accountable and to encourage you along the way isn’t always easy though. Not everyone fits the bill. And if you pick the wrong person to be in your corner, you may get side tracked, discouraged, or even led astray from your original healthy eating goals.

Pick the right person though, and changing the way you eat might not only be easier, but more fun too!

To determine who in your life would make a good holiday accountability partner, consider asking the following questions:

Is the person someone who will give it to you straight?
Is the person easy to talk to?
Do they have similar goals as you?
Are they encouraging?
Can they tell the truth without being hurtful?
Are they reliable?
Will they be able to attend holiday parties or gatherings with you?
Are they easy to contact?
Will they stick with the program even if obstacles get in the way?

If you said “yes” for the majority of questions for the person in mind, consider asking them to join you this month in an effort to eat your best all holiday long. If they agree and join you, consider setting up a few basic accountability guidelines to adhere to and set aside a few times to meet or talk throughout the month. This can help you be a more successful team because you will know right away what expectations each of you have for the coming days.

Day 3 Homework –> Who in your life would make a good accountability partner? Consider asking them to take this challenge with you. Not sure who to ask? Our Facebook page is another great place to reach out for added support. Join the conversation today! 

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