Day 12: Sharing Your Secrets to Success This Holiday Season #holidayplate

12 Day Healthy Holiday Challenge

You’ve done it! You’ve successfully completed our 12 day healthy holiday challenge and hopefully you feel ready to conquer any sort of holiday scenario you might encounter.

Over the past few days we have tackled everything from surviving holiday parties to finding people in your life to keep you accountable. We have covered just about everything you could possible talk about when it comes to having a healthy holiday… or did we? Is that really even possible?

Day 12: Sharing Your Secrets to Success This Holiday Season

Probably not. That’s why we’ve asked thePlate Community to chime in. If you aren’t familiar with thePlate Community, its our network of nutrition, food, and health bloggers. From extensive backgrounds in nutrition to first-hand, real-life experience, our bloggers all have a unique perspective on eating healthy to share. You can find their blog posts in the link up below.

We’re also asking you to chime in! Since we believe everyone has a unique perspective to share when it comes to eating healthy, we would love to learn more about how you have a healthy holiday. If you are a blogger, please add your healthy holiday post to the link up below. If you don’t have a blog post to share, simply tell us what your top healthy holiday tips are  in the comments of this blog post. They can be something entirely original or a piece of advice that really stuck with you as you completed this series.

Day 12 Homework –> Share your favorite healthy holiday tip with us in the comments below! It can be one that you learned through participation in this series or something entirely original.

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