July 29, 2014

What Dietitians Eat When Dining Out

Dining at restaurants is one of the most challenging situations faced when trying to make healthy eating decisions. Most restaurants just aren’t designed with healthy eating in mind. That’s why we asked a few of our favorite dietitians to share  with us what they eat when dining out. After all, they are the nutrition experts, […]

The 5 Best Ways to Eat Your Vegetables

It was probably always my destiny to be a dietitian. What other sort of person would love vegetables as much as I do? You can even ask my mom – I’m the kid who turned down birthday cake for a platter of veggies, cheese, and crackers! Yep, I’m that girl. As a lover of all things cruciferous […]

How to Pack a Grown Up Lunch Your Taste Buds Will Thank You For

If you think brown bag lunches are just for kids, you are missing out on all the potential lunches packed from home contain. Mature your brown bag lunch today and reap the many health benefits associated with. Plus, your taste buds will thank you! Seriously, once you know how to pack a lunch loaded with […]

5 Awesome, Yet Simple Green Pepper Inspired Meals

What should I eat for dinner tonight? Chicken sounds good; maybe a quesadilla! How many times have you answered this question in such a way? Often meals are planned around the meat being served, and although lean protein options should be present, creating meals around this particular food group often causes us to leave out […]

Stop Packing Boring Lunches, And Start Packing Ones That Rock!

Packing a lunch day after day for your kids can get, well, boring. And boring lunches  often end up being wasted lunches. Allow yourself to get creative AND keep the basics intact by making sure you include the following foods on a consistent basis. What You’ll Need:  Fresh fruits and vegetables Whole grains A fun […]

Bring Healthy Dinner Recipes to Life with the Right Kitchen Gadgets

Tired of the same old thing for meals?  Are you struggling to find ways to incorporate more vegetables or follow a healthier meal plan?   No matter what your food challenge, many of us try to eat healthier and struggle to find new ways to do so.  With our ever-so busy lifestyles, we need to rely […]

Brown Bag Lunches for Busy People

Too busy to eat lunch? Think again! All you need is a little creativity, a few good-for-you ingredients, and a brown bag. Okay, you can get creative with how you pack your lunch. The important thing is that you pack it. Some ingredients you’ll need: Salad greens Multi-grain/whole grain tortillas Black beans Applegate Naturals Deli […]

Infographic: Counting Calories – What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

  Brought to you by: Evoke.ie Calories aren’t the only factor to consider when it comes to eating well or achieving a healthy weight; however, many of us tend to think about our foods in caloric terms. At the very least, hopefully this infographic will cause you to rethink some of your views and thoughts on calories. […]

Your Favorite Warm Weather Foods, Only Healthier

by Vanessa Voltolina for Discover and Play Besides sunny days and wearing fewer layers, warmer weather also has us looking forward to spring and summer foods like grilled pizza, fried chicken and ice cream. But while they initially sound delicious, many classic warm weather foods actually make the list of the worst foods you can eat — […]

Ask the Expert: Is Fruit Bad for Me?

“I heard recently that I’m not suppose to eat a lot of  fruit because of the high sugar content. Is that true?” – Diana T, Texas Before you think about modifying the amount of fruit you consume each day, its first important to identify whether your getting the right amount to begin with. For adults, […]