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November 22, 2014

Want to Embrace a Vegetarian Lifestyle? Get Started with our New Printable!

Did you know that behind the scenes here at Around the Plate we have an amazing group of dietetic students who work diligently on all sorts of projects and tasks? Earlier this month our students were asked to speak to another group of students about how to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle. Related: College Students Need […]

Let’s Define Healthy Eating, Shall We?

We talk a lot around here about healthy eating, but it recently came to my attention that we may not all necessarily share the same definition. With so many different meal plans and diets out there, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that definitions vary; however, it is important that we’re all on the same page as […]

3 Must Have Kitchen Essentials for Perfect Fall Pancakes!

There is nothing better than a big heaping pile of hot pancakes served up on a cold fall morning.  Well, except for maybe having them for dinner too. To make a good set of pancakes though, you need a few helpful tools. Here are just a few of my personal favorites that make getting pancakes done […]

The Role a Registered Dietitian Can Play in Eating Disorder Treatment

This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in our community’s first National Eating Disorder Association Walk. It was a great opportunity to spread awareness and let individuals in our community know about some of the amazing programs and resources we have available to them. This, of course, included the nutrition education services we provide here […]

Healthy Eating Made Easy with the NuVal System

One of my favorite pastimes is to wander the aisle of the grocery store. For me it’s enjoyable to seek out undiscovered foods, read their labels, and contemplate what they may taste well with. In a perfect world, I’d always have enough time to do these things while grocery shopping, but often the experience feels […]

Let’s Talk About that Powerful Healthy Eating PSA Video Making Its Rounds

Please note: The video embedded into this article may be triggering for individuals with eating disorders. It may also be upsetting for some of our readers to watch. Viewer discretion is advised.  If you haven’t seen the “Rewind the Future” healthy eating PSA video from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta yet, its likely that you will. […]

5 Fun Kid-Inspired Kitchen Activities to Kick Off Kids Eat Right Month

Healthy eating isn’t just for grown ups! In fact, learning how to eat well should begin at an early age. At least that’s what we believe here at Around the Plate and this August, Kids Eat Right Month serves as the perfect reminder to make nutrition a family affair. Although there are many different way […]

How to Eat Healthy From a Food Truck

Is there anything more fun than a food truck? From the creative and catchy names to the unique and flavorful offerings, food trucks are food fun at their finest. And although food trucks have always added an element of fun to both events big and small, modern food trucks are blending that fun with high […]

What Dietitians Eat When Dining Out

Dining at restaurants is one of the most challenging situations faced when trying to make healthy eating decisions. Most restaurants just aren’t designed with healthy eating in mind. That’s why we asked a few of our favorite dietitians to share  with us what they eat when dining out. After all, they are the nutrition experts, […]

The 5 Best Ways to Eat Your Vegetables

It was probably always my destiny to be a dietitian. What other sort of person would love vegetables as much as I do? You can even ask my mom – I’m the kid who turned down birthday cake for a platter of veggies, cheese, and crackers! Yep, I’m that girl. As a lover of all things cruciferous […]