Enter Silpat’s July #SiplatPhotoChallenge and Win Great Culinary Prizes!

Are you feeling up to a culinary challenge this month? If so, you may be interested in the Silpat Photo Challenge kicking off today!

Silpat Photo Challenge

Each day you’ll find a different culinary challenge to participate in. Simply snap photos of your creations, featuring your Silpat mat, and you could win a Silpat Perfect Collection via mail. Other small prizes will be awarded throughout the competition as well.

For full details on how you can participate and what you need to do for your chance to win, check out the official rules here.

Good luck!


Win a Zwilling Spirit Tri-Ply 10 Piece Cookware Set – Valued at $615!

Is it time to upgrade your cookware? Well, you might be able to do that for FREE! Zwilling J.A. Henckels is giving away an entire 10 piece Tri-Ply Stainless Steel set to one lucky person at the end of the month.

Zwilling J.A. Henckles USA 10 Piece Cookware Set
credit: Zwilling J.A. Henckles USA

To enter, visit their Facebook page and enter your email address. You have until July 31st, 2015 to enter. Plus, you’ll also get bonus entries for each friend you refer!

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Foodie Review & Giveaway: Recipe Dice

“What’s for dinner?!” This age old question may have you staring in your refrigerator or continuously opening and closing your cupboards without providing any answers! If you are at all like me, indecisiveness may be one of your biggest weaknesses and not to mention a HUGE time waster. So when I was asked to review Leafcutter Designs Recipe Dice, I was instantly intrigued and mostly relieved that I was going to have direction and help planning my meals.


Recipe Dice…. what are those!?! Well, if I’m being completely honest, that’s what I was wondering, but once I learned a little more about the product, excitement replaced my confusion. The recipe dice are 12 wooden die with a variety of herbs, spices, vegetables, meats and grains on each side. Designed by Leafcutter Designs to inspire spontaneity and exploration in the kitchen with the flick of your wrist.

The general idea is to roll all 12 die and create a meal (or meals) out of the visible ingredients. The instructions suggest making several meals from the 12 ingredients and re-rolling 5 if you find them undesirable. I preferred to roll the dice, try and place ingredients in a desirable meal and then either re-roll or completely cut out the dice that didn’t work for me.

Recipe Dice Rolled

Great concept, huh? Yeah, I agree! But you may find some of the suggestions impractical – especially if you are throwing the dice right before its time to eat. Odds are pretty good you won’t have all those ingredients on hand. So instead, consider rolling the dice far before you cook – like when you’re planning out your weekly menu plan!

If you are really short on time, at least stick with the basics. On my days filled with work, volunteering, and blogging, I find it best to roll the protein, grain and spice dice and use those to guide my meal cuisine for the day.

These dice are a great way to invite excitement and creativity back into your kitchen. They would also make for a pretty fun home addition of Chopped!, you know, if you and your friends are into that sort of thing.

Recipe Dice - Enter to Win

They sell for an affordable $16 and make a wonderful gift. And speaking of gift, we’re giving one lucky reader their very own set of Recipe Dice! To enter, follow the directions below.

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4 Books on My Reading list for the Fourth of July Weekend

Although these books aren’t necessarily food related, I do believe that taking good care of yourself in other ways does allow you to be a better, more competent eater. So this Fourth of July weekend, I hope you’ll practice taking better care of yourself. For me, that starts with taking a pause and finding ways to relax my body and mind. To do that, I’m planning on settling down with a good book – even if its only for a measly 15 minutes!!

Here are a few books I’ve been wanting to read but just haven’t made the time for:


The Fringe Hours


I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book! But who doesn’t love discovering ways to make time for yourself… especially when that seems impossible to do!

The Best Yes

As a retail shop owner, I’ve learned that sometimes its just as important to say no to an opportunity as it is to say yes to others. Another book I’ve heard great things about when it comes to setting priorities and finding time to breathe in between them.


Bread and Wine


I know I said that these books weren’t super food related, but I couldn’t resist adding this one to the list! Finding community and investing in relationships can be rejuvenating. Its also important to realize that food isn’t just about the nutrients… its deeply intertwined into our daily lives. This book looks at the importance of relationships built around the table and there are recipes. Recipes! A double win if you ask me.

Secret Garden Book


Okay, so this book isn’t really one you read – instead you COLOR! Adult coloring books are all the rage and I can’t think of a better way to unwind! Have you tried coloring as a grown up yet?

Please note – we are HUGE fans of shopping local and have chosen to support a local Michigan based bookstore by sharing from their selection instead of Amazon. We would LOVE it if you considered purchasing from them or explore your own local bookstore for some of these finds! Learn more about Brilliant Books located in Traverse City and Suttons Bay, Michigan.

Have you read any of these books? If so, I’d love to know what you thought of them! Haven’t read them yet? Which looks the most intriguing?

Win a Big Green Egg from Red Gold Tomatoes and Laura’s Lean Beef!

Sweepstakes alert! Enter to win the ultimate Summer Grill package from Red Gold Tomatoes and Laura’s Lean Beef! Four lucky people will win a Big Green Egg, a kamodo style cooker that will allow you to be master of the grill all summer long! For a lucky 800 others, you could win a Red Gold Summer Grilling Tote Bag.

Red Gold Tomatoes
credit: redgoldtomatoes.com

Enter for your chance to win! Be sure to also check out all the amazing Grill-worthy recipes created by Red Gold Tomatoes, Chef JJ, and Laura’s Lean Beef.

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