April 18, 2014

Our Easter Foodie Gift Guide

Is there a better way to celebrate Good Friday than by dreaming about a few new Easter brunch must-haves? If you’re a foodie like the rest of us here behind the Plate, you’ve probably been searching, pinning, and salivating over Easter must-haves for weeks! After lots of searching, here are a few of our favorite […]

Perfecting the Picnic Sandwich Has Never Been Easier

Sandwiches are versatile and easy to customize. With oodles of options to consider, there is no easier way to plan a healthy and delicious picnic than by bringing your favorite sandwich along. What you will need for endless options: Grilled zucchini, eggplant, onion, tomato and fresh basil or pesto Shredded chicken (leftovers), avocado, sprouts, and […]

12 Essentials Items for Hosting an Epic Spring Picnic

Spring has officially sprung and with rising temperatures, it’s time to start thinking about meals we can enjoy outside. To plan the perfect picnic though, you have to have a few basic essentials to get the dinner party started.  12 Essential Items for Hosting an Epic Spring Picnic  shopten25.com Picnic Blanket. All great picnics start with […]

5 Nutrition-Inspired Cookbook Titles to Add to Your Kitchen this March

As we begin preparing for warmer weather and fresh produce, its the perfect time to start warming up to the idea of more veggie-inspired dishes. Although you may already have a few go-tos, it never hurts to get a little extra inspiration. Each month Amazon editors choose their top cookbook titles and share them with […]

Broccoli vs. Kale: How New Haven, CT Is Inspiring Others to Eat Fad-Free

Move over kale, there’s a new vegetable in town. Broccoli has hit the streets in New Haven, Connecticut and there is a good reason as to why. In a recent campaign entitled “Broccoli vs. Kale” launched by a team of health-conscious Yale University students and New Haven businesses and residents, broccoli is getting a PR […]

In the Spotlight: Recipe Guru Lynda Benson

One of the reasons we love healthy bloggers so much is there ability to inspire and motivate us through their simple day-to-day actions. Lynda Benson from FitnessMomWineCountry is no exception. In fact, she might be the defining example of what healthy living can and should look like. From sharing delicious recipes to dishing on her […]

10 Super Bowl Party Foods You Can Feel Good About from thePlate Community

Seahawks or Broncos? No matter who you’re rooting for, we can probably all agree on one thing – food is a must when watching the big game! In fact, many Americans will easily consume 2000 calories or more while the game is on, and most of those calories aren’t coming from the most nutritious of sources. […]

13 Healthy Soup Recipes to Try from thePlate Community

When it comes to cold weather, nothing can help warm you up faster than a nice, hot bowl of soup! Soups can range in their level of healthiness, but if you get really creative, you come up with oodles of combinations that not only warm your body and soul, but provide you with ample nutrition. […]

If You’re Going to Set Healthy Resolutions, This is How You Do It

At the start of every new year, one important question lingers – will you or won’t you set a New Year’s resolution?  If you ask the question enough, you’ll find people in both camps. Some believe resolutions are doomed to fail (we’ll call this group A) while others are assured that this year will be […]

Our 2013 Holiday Gadget Gift Guide & a GIVEAWAY!!

Not sure what to get your favorite foodie this holiday season? Let us help! We have a few amazingly unique gadgets any foodie would love! Prepara Roasting Laurel. Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, there are plenty more opportunities to prepare your favorite poultry or roast. The Prepara Roasting Laurel lifts your food out of the […]