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November 26, 2014

Day 10: Congrats, We Did It! Wrapping Up the Eat at Home Challenge #eatathomechallenge

Its been 10 days and we’ve survived. Not only survived, but flourished! We’ve learned how eating more meals at home can  help us not only eat better, but spend more time together. We also learned that yes, there are obstacles that get in the way, but we can overcome them. Hopefully you also feel more […]

Day 9: Giving Your Leftovers a Makeover #eatathomechallenge

If you’ve made it to Day 9 of the 10 Day Eat at Home Challenge, then you already deserve a pat on the back.  Has it been rough along the way, or have the last 8 days breezed by you?  Whether you’ve been a struggler or a menu planning juggler, today’s tip will definitely make […]

Day 8: Avoiding Mistakes in the Kitchen #eatathomechallenge

by Alicia Orozco  Welcome to Day 8! I am so happy to have made it this far and I am sure you are feeling the same way! You’re in the home stretch! Not sure if anyone else had to go and get another round of groceries, but I did. I wasn’t sure how many other […]

Day 7: Avoiding the Unhealthy Pitfalls of Travel #eatathomechallenge

Traveling can be one of the quickest ways to get off track with your meal-time habits.  It’s much harder to make sure you’re getting a well-balanced meal when you’re on the road, especially with all of the enticing, quick, and cheap fast food restaurants conveniently located off of every exit on the highway. If you […]

Day 6: Time Saving Meal Tips #eatathomechallenge

  by Karen Friend Smith from The Kitchen Skinny Deciding to make eating at home a bigger priority at our house was one of the best decisions we ever made. Not only has it had a direct impact on our waistlines, but it has forced us to develop skills in the kitchen that save both […]

Day 5: Extending the Life of Your Food through Freezer Meals and Leftovers #eatathomechallenge

We’re half way through the challenge – how are you doing? Have you survived so far? Hopefully, up until now, you have had enough groceries to fulfill your challenge commitment; however, a funny thing happens once you’re half way through – the food starts to disappear! Of course, another grocery trip should probably be in […]

Day 4: Simple Meal Planning Techniques for Great Success #eatathomechallenge

by Gillian Stephen Would you like to eat healthier, but find it a struggle to fit into your busy lifestyle? Do you never seem to have the right food items on hand in your cupboards, having to make do with whatever odds and ends are available? Or how about opting to eat out or get […]

Day 3: How To Overcome the Obstacles Eating At Home (Sometimes) Creates #eatathomechallenge

Good news! You’ve already overcome the first and most difficult obstacle of the Eat At Home Challenge –  committing to try it! Unfortunately, there are many more obstacles yet to come. You may already be hearing that pesky little voice instead your head, trying to talk you out of attempting the Eat-at-home Challenge. It’s filling […]

Day 2: The True Benefits of Eating At Home #eatathomechallenge

Although eating at home for 10 days straight may present you with difficulties at times, I assure you that this challenge will be well worth the effort.  And I’m not just talking about the quality of your diet here! In fact, eating foods more frequently from home can often have financial, relational, and emotional benefits […]

Day 1: Welcome to the Eat at Home Challenge! #eatathomechallenge

We’re trying something new this month. Something we hope you will be as excited as we are to start! We’re calling it the Eat at Home Challenge – a 10 day series that will hopefully inspire, educate, and radically change the way you eat, at least for a couple of weeks that is. Each day […]