Naan Bread Pizza

“My boys love pizza night! Why? Because they can customize their own pizzas with their favorite toppings. Black olives, mushrooms, spinach, onions, have been favorites as of late, but really any leftover veggies can serve well as a topping! Plus, these pizzas only take about 10 minutes in the oven… even faster to make than frozen pizza! WIN!” – Kati Mora, MS, RD

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Naan Bread Personal Pizzas

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 4 personal pizzas

Serving Size: 1 pizza


  • 4 Slices Naan Bread
  • 1/2 can pizza sauce
  • Cheese - add your favorite! Mozzarella and feta are two of my favs!
  • Veggies of your choice


  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Place naan bread slices on baking sheets.
  3. Cover each slice of naan bread with pizza sauce, leaving about a 1/2" border for the crust.
  4. Top with your veggies.
  5. Top with your cheese.
  6. Place in the oven for 10 minutes or until cheese has melted.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

We’ve tried this recipe at home with all sorts of crazy vegetable combinations and it always turns out delicious! From carrots to sweet potatoes, we use up whatever we can! Its a great way to reduce food waste and keep your food budget in check.

Naan Pizza Uncooked

What sort of veggies have you tried on your pizzas? 

Kitchen Essentials You May Need for this Recipe:

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4 Essential Grilled Sandwich Recipes for Your New Mini Pan!

Whether you are cooking for one, or just need to save a little shelf space, we can’t help but love these mini pans from GreenPan! Not only are they super adorable, but they are SAFE non-stick pans that will get the job done.

GreenPan Toast Pan

If you are wondering just how useful these mini pans are, well, we’d never leave you hanging! From delicious grilled BLTs to veggie-loaded egg sandwiches, we think you can get pretty creative with your breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings.

Pizza Grilled Cheese

Pizza Grilled Cheese: If you love pizza, you’ll love this fun spin on the classic grilled cheese sandwich! Ready in less than 5 minutes, its an easy option for those meals that are on the go. And just like a traditional pizza, you can top it with all sorts of great veggies! (via Mom to Mom Nutrition)

Strawberry & Arugula Grilled Cheese

Strawberry and Arugula Grilled Cheese: Fruit on a sandwich? Yes, please! This creative rendition of a grilled cheese sandwich can not only help you better meet your fruit and veggie needs, BUT its flavor combo will definitely satisfy! (via My Bottomless Ex-Boyfriend)

Grilled Tuna & Smashed Pea Sandwich

Grilled Tuna and Smashed Pea Sandwich: Did you know that peas are nutritional powerhouses? They are loaded with powerful antioxidants. They are also considered an environment-friendly food! So start noshing and give this veggie another chance if its been one you haven’t given too much thought recently.


Grilled Ham Cheese with Tangy Mustard Dip

Grilled Ham and Cheese with Tangy Honey Mustard Dip: And don’t be intimidated by its smaller size. It works just like a larger pan would, but might help you with portion control or make it easier to cook if you aren’t making a meal for an entire family or group of friends. We all have those sorts of meals. (via Back to the Book Nutrition)

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Dinner Winner

What does it mean to be a family of dinner winners? It means discovering a way to eat well together. As a mom myself, I know its not always easy. In fact, my two boys, my husband, and I all have different needs and favorites. Although it would be nice if we all liked the same things, the reality is, we don’t. Luckily, the more we work together, the more we discover ways to enjoy meals as a family. By embracing our differences, encouraging one another, and rolling up our sleeves, we truly do become a family of dinner winners!

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Never Miss a Trip to the Farmer’s Market Again with these Helpful Tips!

Most of us can probably agree that the Farmer’s Market is a wonderful place to go. Beautiful, fresh veggies, bright and fresh sunshine, community members mulling around – its a sensory experience that can really brighten your day.

Fruit at the Farmer's Market

But let’s be real. Getting to the Farmer’s Market isn’t always easy to do. In fact, I hear it all the time. Since the market is a seasonal occurance and often only happens once or twice a week in a community, its relatively easy to forget about market day or even struggle to fit a trip in.

But guess what? If you can begin to make time for a trip to your local farmer’s market today, it can easily become a mainstay in your routine. How you ask? Here are a few ways to help ensure you never miss a day at market again!

Figure out where your farmer’s market is located and what its hours are.

The first step in successfully visiting your Farmer’s market is making sure you know where and when to go. There are lots of ways to determine this. Many farmer’s markets have a Facebook page, but if you aren’t quite sure the name of your local market, see if you can find it on

Set a reminder on your phone. 

Once you know where and when your farmer’s market is happening, set a reminder on your phone. Many farmer’s markets offer all sorts of events and programming throughout the season to really make it an all out food-related experience. Even if you don’t go every week, perhaps you want to try and plan your trips during the days of summer where there are special guests, chefs, or even outdoor yoga! By putting a reminder in your phone, you won’t have to remember all the nitty gritty details. Just set the reminder and let your phone prompt your memory.

Store your bags close to the door.

Keeping your reusable market bags near your door can also be a great, and subtle, mental cue to get up and go to the market. Organize them on your coat rack or store them in a clear bin. However they are arranged, just make sure they are clearly visible and easy to grab and go out the door with.

Make a grocery list – highlight the items you want to grab from the market. 

If you’ve been a member of our community for awhile, hopefully you are already in the habit of making a regular meal plan. If not, now is a great time to start! As you plan out your weekly meals and draft up your grocery list, highlight items that you could get at the Farmer’s market instead. This way you are intentionally carving out a purpose for your trip to the market. Odds are good that you’ll find some of the produce you need for your weekly meals at a better price. They will also probably add a whole lot of delicious, in-season flavor!

Invite a friend along.

Another sure fire way to make sure you carve out time for the market is to never go alone. Okay, you can go alone sometimes, but by inviting a friend to go with you, you’ll feel more accountable to go together. It also makes the trip even that much more fun! So invite a friend and make an experience out of your next trip to the market.

How do you make shopping at the Farmer’s Market a priority? 

Take our Instagram challenge! Visit your Farmer’s market this week, snap a photo on Instagram, and tag @theplateboutique! We’ll choose a winner to receive a $25 gift certificate to our store!

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