July 28, 2014

About Us

Around the Plate is an online community that brings together nutrition
experts and interested individuals to improve the
way the world eats one plate at a time.

What We Do

Living healthy starts with you and can seem like an overwhelming task. Yet living healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. At Around the Plate, we bring together some of the world’s best food and nutrition experts to help make living healthy simple. Since what you eat and how you move are both integral parts to living a healthy life, we provide you with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions¬†possible for the life you are living. It’s not always easy, but hopefully you will find that the tools and resources we provide make your healthy living journey a little more simple and a little more enjoyable along the way.

Not only do our team of experts share their knowledge with you, but the blogging community we have created allows you to connect with other individuals who are on their own healthy living journey. Additionally, you can share your own stories of success with us and become a part of our ever-growing community of health and nutrition bloggers and writers.

Around the Plate primarily focuses on nutrition since what you eat every day plays such an integral role in how you live. From recipes to real life meal scenerios, we try to cover all the food basics to get you not only eating well, but happy.

Thank you for making us your food & nutrition resource! We are glad you are here.

-The Around the Plate team

Our Team “Behind the Plate”¬†

Meet Kati: "the Girl Behind the Plate"
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Kati Mora is a registered dietitian with a background in general nutrition and weight management. As the co-owner of Around the Plate, Kati is excited to bring you relevant nutrition information that get's you excited about living healthy and eating happy. Kati graduated with her BS in Dietetics from Central Michigan University in 2006 and then obtained her Master's in Dietetics from Central in 2010. Kati is the proud mama of two little boys, Eli and Ben, who keep her busy and smiling.
Meet Aaron: "the Guy Behind the Plate"
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As co-owner of Around the Plate, Aaron's role is centered around the communications, design, and financial aspects of the business. He loves eating food and enjoys trying the healthy recipes that are shared within our community. Aaron also serves full time as Director of Student Ministries at Community Church in Mount Pleasant, MI overseeing junior and senior high programs.